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I tried to look for some pretty and pompous phrase to start this post but I didn’t find it, so I’ll get to the point. I love nature. I love the smell of fresh grass, the seduction of wild flowers and the charm of well-kept gardens, I love the energy of trees and, most of all, looking at the different effects that their branches play with the sky. And if there’s one thing that makes me smile, it’s a sunny day with loved ones and good food served outdoors, on a wooden table (which certainly hosted many meals over the years) and, of course, music in the background.
The problem is that it almost never happens, at least with me. Why? Well, I can list some reasons for you right now, such as: 1) I live in the city and I hardly go to farms and places with lots of green. 2) even if I had somewhere like this to go to Curitiba… it would be almost impossible to choose (luckily) a day with a stable temperature and sunshine. IS. But in the last few weeks I have had some very pleasant experiences. I came to spend time in South Africa and here my instinct for nature came into being even more. It’s almost winter, it’s sooooo cold early in the morning and when the sun goes down, but it doesn’t matter because… It doesn’t rain! And during the day the temperature is pleasant. I’m not used to dry, sunny winters, so it’s just happiness. Even more because people have a stronger relationship with nature, so meals are often eaten on balconies. (But don’t think that there is only bush and wild animals here. It’s because I’ve been living in the country for a few weeks, so that’s all I’ve seen lately. Hahahah)
Then I started to think that it would be much nicer if we could have more meetings outdoors, from lunches to parties and dinners with hanging lights and decorative flowers everywhere. Then you will tell me: “Okay, what about mosquitoes and buttocks and…?”. Guys, let’s think about the fun experiences and spend some good repellents and it’s ok. ?
Take a look at my inspirations.
ickfd6 outdoor partiesickfd5 outdoor partiesickfd4 outdoor partiesickfd2 outdoor partiesickfd1 outdoor parties
ickfd3 outdoor parties ickfd7 outdoor parties ickfd8 outdoor parties
I just want to see if you didn’t want to be in one of those places. Liked?

photos: Style me pretty / Say yes to hobuken / Lana Lou Contact / The essence of Joy / SF girl by bay / Austin Wedding Blog / Sarah Fritzler

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