For those who don’t like sports You don’t need to do any sport and you will still look slim

For those who don't like sports You don't need to do any sport and you will still look slim

Not all of us feel like doing sports. However, most of them still want to look slim. We’ll show you how it can work.

Mostly go Exercise and a healthy dietg hand in hand if you want to lose weight and feel slim. However, there is also the possibility of losing weight without exercising and only with detoxifying foods and looking slimmer. We have put together five tips for you to make you feel slim in the evening.

5 foods that will make you look leaner

1. Soups

There are soups that are based on their recipe and their ingredients have a detoxifying effect and purify your body. For example, you can make a soup with turmeric, tomatoes, spinach leaves, and broccoli. This soup is tasty, longs filling, and effectively flushes toxins out of your body.

A Ginger and lemon soup has very few calories and ginger really gets your lymphatic system and your immune system going. These detoxifying foods ensure that you get a flat stomach without any exercise.

If you want to lose weight, it is best to prepare your own food. How about this delicious do-it-yourself milk bar?

Easy Food DIY Milk Slices

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2. Refreshing drinks

There are lots of drinks that easily digestible and that make you look slimmer after enjoying them. For example a delicious strawberry, lime and peppermint drink. This composition detoxifies quickly, does not puff up and is prepared in no time.

Another is just as delicious Peppermint and lime cocktailwhich is prepared with soft mineral water. It not only refreshes on hot summer days, but also ensures that you feel slim.

3. Vegetables

Vegetables have many detoxifying ingredients, Vitamins and minerals. In addition, vegetables are low in calories. Avoid raw onions: While they are healthy, they can cause a bloated stomach.

You can instead Tomatoes, zucchini and cauliflower eat. The vegetables purify and detoxify your body. They can be made into a variety of dishes.

You can find out why basil seeds are so great here: slim and healthy with basil seeds!

Basil seeds superfood

Local superfood
Lean and healthy thanks to basil seeds

It grows in the garden at home, it is absolutely delicious and many of us already have it in the kitchen: basil. But the Italian super spice can do much more than taste good. We explain to you why the seeds of the plant are the new superfood.

4. Pasta

Noodles give you quick energy, are easy to digest and ensure a flat stomach. They have a reputation for making you fat. Thats not right! What makes you fat are only the rich pasta sauces.

So that you feel slim in the evening, you should go for one light tomato sauce with fresh basil and if you like a little garlic too. This mixture ensures well-being, does not bloat and makes you feel full with few calories.

5. water

Drink plenty of water is one of the best ways to feel slim and have a flat stomach in the evenings. But please don’t use too much carbonated water, as that will inflate your stomach.

If you silent Waters tastes too bland, so add a few squirts of lemon or lime. Fresh mint also spices up still water and in no time at all you have a delicious drink that quickly detoxifies your body and makes you look slim in the evening.

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