Forms for brownie, macaron and cake pop

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Today it is dedicated exclusively to the different types of shapes that can be very useful when preparing a delicate dessert. No more confusion when making cake pops, macarons or even cutting a brownie into neat pieces for a party. I found all the utensils at Macy’s. Take a look and fall in love!
This is Wilton’s cupcake style but for brownies. The cool thing is that it is silicone and the squares are the ideal size for a bite hungry for chocolate ?
It’s for sale here.
brownie shapes
This one, from Mastrad, is a special one for making macarons, and it is excellent for those who ‘mess up’ at that time to form the perfect balls in silpat or in another way.
On sale here.
macaron shapes
Now the one that won me over. Take a look at this form of cake pop, what fun! It is double, that is, the top and bottom parts fit together, and it works like this: just place the cake dough in the bottom molds, close the mold and place it for baking. The cake will grow inside and be shaped like a perfect sphere, with space to fit a straw. Then just have fun with the decor!
On sale here.
cake pop shapes
Which one would you use the most?

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