Fort Apache

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When I picked up the menu and read “Happy of those who know” I fully agreed. First because the restaurant is wonderful, second because it is very hidden, so much so that twice, Marco and I, my boyfriend, wanted to stop there, when we realized we had already passed. The Apache Fort is a restaurant that is already 16 years old, located in Rondon, at the height of Lins, if I am not mistaken at Km 441.5. It is made of wood, with many plants, which makes it even more cozy. It is all decorated with treats, signs, trinkets and utensils, it is very charming! But we’re here to talk about food, right? There you get lost with so much good and homemade stuff to eat! There is bread, snacks, meals, pasta, sweets, all with that face that was made with a lot of love <3
apache 3
But something that draws attention there is the huge section dedicated to the most diverse types of jam in jam. There are traditional papaya, guava, oranges, as well as very different ones like mangaba, genipapo. It has dulce de leche, banana, guava paste, has also drip cookies, sweets wrapped in straw…
apache 2
The most requested dessert in the restaurant is the rustic banana pie with ice cream, and it’s no wonder! It was the best banana candy I’ve ever eaten in my life !! The dough, the cream, the cinnamon all perfect! Super recommend!
apache 1apache4
The Apache Fort is open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm and from Sunday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.
Two observations: in September they will be closed for holidays; and if you don’t want to be beaten that it didn’t happen to us, Fort Apache is right after the sign passing through Lins.

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