François Payard Baker – NY

François Payard Baker - NY

In the rush and rush of a trip, we want to enjoy everything and a little more of what that city has to offer. Sometimes, then, the gastronomic itinerary is set aside. And for several reasons, considering my own experience, I can list three main factors: money, or rather, the lack of it, time and / or a Crazy gps.
Even if you don’t run, about to have a simple sandwich lunch, why not make this a delicious experience? Certainly, New York offers you this option: fast food places, delicious and affordable. As for me there may be a lack of the main course but not the dessert, François Payard Bakery it is one of those places. And the best.
The bakery offers several options in your bakery: stuffed croissants, cinnamon rolls, brioches, among others. As well as a multitude of sandwiches, ready and prepared daily, which are the perfect option for a quick lunch, even if it is in the metro. I tried the breakfast option: omelets with bacon and tartar sauce on baguette ($ 7), accompanied by delicious hot chocolate ($ 3). Super creamy, dense and bitter chocolate, as all chocolate should be.
Of course, leaving a space for the sweetie, I tried the Flan Patissierie ($ 4.75), which is nothing more than a pudding pie. Faced with so many options that the house offers, it was not an easy choice, but at least a sure one. The pudding is super-succulent and one with an intense vanilla flavor, wrapped in a very crunchy crust.
With five locations in New York, this is a perfect location for a quick and delicious stop. I already leave here some other options to enjoy with your eyes while you think about your order.

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