Frauenmond – Chocolate for PMS

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frauenmond-o-chocolate-for-tpm-larissa-piazzi-independent-chocolate-ickfdSource: The Independent

THE chocolate is present more than ever in the female routine when those days come. And the woman who does not use the TPM as an excuse to buy that bar in the middle of the afternoon.

Just putting a chocolate in your mouth helps us get through these boring moments of the month with a little more joy. However, to give an even bigger push, the company Chocolate With Love invented the bar Frauenmond. The delicacy that contains 60% chocolate and 17 different types of herb was specially developed to relieve premenstrual pain.

frauenmond-o-chocolate-for-tpm-larissa-piazzi-site-chocolate-mit-herz-frauenmond-ickfdSource: Chocolate with Love

Marc Widmer, The chocolatier responsible for the invention, said in an interview for the program 20 Minuten that his idea came up when he met a family that sold tea to relieve PMS symptoms. It was then that he decided to combine the herbs with the chocolate.

Frauenmond, which in Portuguese means “Woman’s moon”, promises to relieve pain due to the interaction between herbs and chocolate. Despite being a sweet, its cost is a little salty: the delight sold by the company Chocolate With Love costs about AUD $ 16 (about R $ 40.86).



Even though this invention is not yet available in the Brazil, we can continue to use PMS as a reason to eat chocolate. That’s because the cocoa contains antioxidants, which improve blood circulation, and magnesium, mineral that helps to relieve pre-mental symptoms such as swelling, tiredness, depression and irritation.

Not to mention that eating chocolate also stimulates the production of endorphin what improves mood and euphoric feeling. It is worth remembering that the more cocoa, the greater the benefits.

Want a better excuse to eat chocolate?

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