Free Calendars for 2019!

Free Calendars for 2019!

One more post to help you get 2019 more organized! After giving some suggestions of super complete planners, it was time to talk about calendars.
As much as you have a calendar, simpler calendars are perfect for keeping under your desk or even keeping it in your bag, since the weight is minimal and the sheets can be folded. Thinking about it, I selected some beautiful calendars made available by other blogs, all of them with free download!

Free Calendars for 2019!

Photo: Maddi Bazzocco

Details Only

Free Calendars for 2019!

Photo: Details only

The blog Just Details created a monthly planner with a super cute design and shades of pink that make it even more charming. In addition to the calendar, it also has spaces for writing goals, ideas, important dates and a short phone book.
Another very interesting fact about this calendar is that it has four different covers, and you can choose which one is your favorite. If you are interested in downloading it, just click here.


Free Calendars for 2019!


To find three incredible calendar options, take a look at the VIPAPER website! This year, the brand made available three different models: rosé, minimalist and floral. For those who enjoy motivational phrases, the first two versions are perfect. In addition, they all have a space for notes and objectives. Practical, delicate and free ?

Creative Girlfriend

Free Calendars for 2019!

Photo: Creative Girlfriend

Two other wonderful calendar / planner options! In the blog Namorada Criativa, you will find the option of minimalist planner in the vertical and another model in the horizontal, with a little more color and decoration.
Both versions are free and can even be bound. This is a great alternative for those who recently entered the organizational universe and are still looking for methods that really work. It’s worth printing and testing!

Schwen Dieter

Free Calendars for 2019!

Photo: Schwen Dieter

If you don’t mind having a calendar in English, this option made available by the Schwen Dieter website also deserves your attention. All the right sides are decorated with super cute flowers and a small box for any notes. One of the versions has the United States holidays – to access it, click here. The other model is practically the same, but without the dates of the country’s holidays.
I hope these options have helped at least some of you! Organization and planning are key words to achieve a balance between leisure and work, so never leave that aside ?

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