Free tours in Austin

Free tours in Austin

Austin is a super fun and fun city, you know? There are many options for tours there, both related to nature and also to the city. Even the stores are interesting and worth at least a visit, as in the case of Uncommon Objects, full of old and unique objects.
Those who accompanied our vlogs already know some of the attractions in the region, but I decided to set aside for you other legal activities in Austin. Saving on international travel is always a problem, which is why it is so important to put free places on your itinerary. I made this list with several incredible program alternatives for you to do when you’re there ?

Texas State Capitol

Free tours in Austin

Photo: Brian Lane Herder via Pinterest

Anyone who is passionate about history cannot miss the Texas State Capitol. Every day of the week they offer free tours of the space, and they last an average of 30 minutes. Classes usually leave every 45 minutes, so you don’t even have to wait so long to get on the tour.
In addition to learning about the place, the guides also tell urban myths and other stories that we don’t usually find on the internet. It is possible to walk around the area without the guides, but information about the capitol’s buildings and internal structure is up to you!

Blanton Art Museum

Free tours in Austin

Photo: The Alcade

Every Thursday the Blanton Museum of Art has free admission, so we have to take advantage, right? They have more than 17,000 works, including very different phases, such as Greek art and abstract art. It is a very peaceful and pleasant walk, especially for those who enjoy museums. Ah, there you can also find a super delicious coffee. If you want to know what exhibition is happening at the time you are in the city, just click here.

HOPE Outdoor Gallery

Free tours in Austin

Photo: Paulo Cuenca

The HOPE Outdoor Gallery is a great tour for those who want to take several photos with colorful and different backgrounds. The place even resembles the Beco do Batman in São Paulo, full of graffiti, but with the bonus of having a beautiful view of the city. Because it is a public space, people are always painting something new, even on top of other people’s art. You can also leave your trademark there if you have ink ?

Barton Springs

Free tours in Austin

Photo: MyStatesman

There’s nothing better than going to the pool on a hot day! To make the most of Austin’s summer, one of the best alternatives is to go to Barton Springs. Entrance to the pool is free from 5 to 8 am and from 9 to 10 pm. As they are more restricted times, it is important that you plan well to enjoy the tour.
For the rest of the day, admission for adults costs 8 dollars. The value is very symbolic so that the space is kept clean and well maintained. The place is super busy, especially by the city residents, so don’t go waiting for a deserted pool without much movement, ok?

Lady Bird Lake

Free tours in Austin

Photo: @visitaustintx

Lady Bird Lake is one of the most beautiful places in Austin. The lake is right in the center of the city and, around it, there are several trails and green spaces to rest or practice some physical activity. It is the perfect type of tour to be done in the late afternoon.
Ah, it is allowed to go kayaking or canoeing on the lake, but it is forbidden to swim in it! Another cool thing to do is to rent a bike and walk around the whole lake, enjoying the wonderful landscape of the water with the buildings in the background.

Free tours in Austin

Photo: Traction Artist Management via Pinterest

I also couldn’t stop talking about one of the most different experiences I’ve ever had in my life. Very close to the lake is the Statesman Bat Observation Center, a place where several people gather to see thousands of bats flying. When the sun starts to set, the bats under the bridge start to come out and fill the sky. It’s a visual spectacle!

Mount Bonnell

Free tours in Austin

Photo: Food and footprints

Mount Bonnel is a must-see for those who love hiking and sunset. It is inside Covert Park and this area is known as the tallest in Austin. You should already be imagining the incredible view of the city, right? The climb to the top is a little tiring, but the landscape is worth the effort. Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes and also bring a camera to make wonderful photos on the spot.
Impossible to complain about the lack of free activity by Austin! In addition to the places I mentioned to you now, walking the streets aimlessly is a great alternative to discover beautiful places there. The city is super busy and full of different tour options ?

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