Free tours in Moscow

Free tours in Moscow

Free activities are always welcome, especially when they are done in incredible places. As in St. Petersburg, Moscow offers many types of wonderful and enjoyable city tours. The best of everything? You don’t need to spend almost anything! It’s super interesting to add free options to your travel itinerary, saving money that can be spent on other things, like a souvenir from the city or a delicious typical food.
Some of the main tourist spots in the city are free of charge and, even though I have already talked about some of them in this post, I will tell you exactly which ones are in the list below. In addition to them, I added other beautiful places that are also worth a visit ?

Free ride

Free tours in Moscow

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Several city tour companies offer free tours, explaining a little about the main attractions and giving an overview of the regions. Ah, those who like the guides and are interested, can pay for more specific tours later. Two of the agencies that do this type of tour are Walking Tours Travel and Free Tour.
Remembering that the tour is free and done on foot, so be sure to book a place at the last minute. Usually hikes take about 3 hours – wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to walk a lot. Bringing some snacks is also a great idea!


Free tours in Moscow

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Many people who travel to Moscow end up stuck in a script based only on historic buildings and museums. However, the city has lovely green areas and tourists don’t even come close to seeing some of them. Sokolniki, for example, is ideal for those who enjoy longer walks. During the winter it is also possible to skate there, so it is interesting in any season.
Another nice park to visit is the Kolomenskoe. In addition to stunning gardens, the space features 18th-century palaces and a trail right next to the Moscow River. Even if you don’t like hiking and parks try to go on at least one of these two. I promise you won’t regret it ?

Alexander Garden

Free tours in Moscow

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Close to the Kremlin is the Alexander Garden, with its super colorful and charming flower beds. It is considered the first public park in Moscow and some of the things that most attract tourists there are the monuments, fountains and the amazing view of the Kremlin. It may seem like an ordinary walk, but the place is so beautiful that it becomes super special. Ah, at night they light some lamps and the scene changes a lot, it is worth going if you have time!

Classic music

Free tours in Moscow

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Classical music fans will fall in love with Moscow. The city has several spaces dedicated to style and, in most of them, you will find free presentations regularly. Among the local options are the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, the Bulgakov House Museum and the Marina Tsvetaeva Museum.
Enjoying classical music in places as incredible as this is an unforgettable experience. And be sure to enter the site before you go, okay? Each of the venues has a different schedule and you need to check out when the free presentations will take place.

Orthodox churches

Free tours in Moscow

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Much to the delight of all of us, the famous churches in Moscow do not charge any fees. St. Basil’s Cathedral, the one that is all colorful and with domes full of details, is one of the most visited places in the city and does not charge anything for you to get to know the interior of the place.
Other places worth visiting are the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Novodevichy Convent. Even if you are not a religious person, it is interesting to visit these places mainly because of the architecture and the historical value that each has.

Pan-Russian Exhibition Center

Free tours in Moscow

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The Panrusso Exhibition Center, also known as VDNKh, is one of the most interesting places to visit in the capital. It brings together several attractions in one place, that is, you end up having even more benefits. It was created in 1930 and is full of pavilions, most of which have a different proposal.
There you will find gardens, statues, fountains, exhibition facilities and more. It is impossible to be bored in a space like this, especially if you enjoy history and like to see old objects!
These are great places to have on the script, right? As I told you right at the beginning of the post, they are all beautiful and fun is guaranteed ?

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