Free tours in St. Petersburg

Free tours in St. Petersburg

There’s nothing better than traveling and taking several tours for free, right? One of the things we most often spend money on, especially on international tours, is with tickets to museums and other places open to visitors. Fortunately, most cities in the world offer incredible options for free and interesting activities. In St. Petersburg, Russia, this would be no different!
There you can visit several wonderful places spending only money on transportation and food. If you want to know how to save a little while traveling, just add some of the places that I’m going to share with you now. It has a little of everything ?

Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan

Free tours in St. Petersburg

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Unlike the typical churches of the city, colored or with a lot of gold, Kazan Cathedral, as it became known, has more sober colors and classical architecture. In addition to all the beauty of the building, inside the church there are several mosaics, frescoes and charming sculptures.
The structure of the cathedral was inspired by St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, so some of its parts are very similar. The space is still widely used by residents of the region to pray, and is not as touristy as the Cathedral of the Spilled Blood, for example. Ah, I recommend that you enter it using something that covers your hair. The Russians wear hats or headscarves as a form of respect.

Parks and Gardens

Free tours in St. Petersburg

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St. Petersburg has beautiful parks and gardens. If you love green areas or want to get out of the monotony of museums and churches, they are a great option. The Summer Garden is one of the most visited and is also among the most beautiful in the city. The gardens are very well maintained, as are the wonderful fountains and sculptures. In addition, there is a tunnel covered with plants that forms a great backdrop for photos ?
Although much of the park suffered major damage after flooding in 1777, its entire structure was soon restored. Some statues could not be displayed again, but the site still has more than 70 sculptures scattered throughout its area.

Free tours in St. Petersburg

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In relation to the other gardens, there are several of them scattered over there. The main ones are those of Tavrichesky, Mikhailovsky and Yusupov. All of them are beautiful and accompanied by stunning historic buildings. In New Holland, an island within the city, there are several green areas, as I mentioned in the post of interesting regions.


Free tours in St. Petersburg

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The Hermitage is one of the main museums in the world and receives thousands of visits daily. Every first Thursday of each month, admission is free. If you have a chance to go, don’t let it pass. Other museums in the city, which are not as famous as the Hermitage, do not charge admission on any of the operating days, as in the case of Sigmund Freud Museum of Dreams and the Vladimir Nabokov Museum.
The first has two rooms that represent the conscious and the unconscious. For this reason, they are separated as “light room” and “dark room”. It is a very interesting tour for those interested in psychoanalysis or who want to know more about Freud’s theories. The second museum is the place where the famous writer Vladimir Nabokov was born. There, visitors have the chance to get to know the interior of the novelist’s house and also get an idea of ​​what the houses in the region were like.

Alexander Nevsky Monastery

Free tours in St. Petersburg

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One of the most important orthodox monasteries in St. Petersburg, Alexander Nevsky brings together tourists from all over the world. The complex houses some of the oldest buildings in the city – it was founded in 1710 by Pedro I of Russia. Very old, right?
TThere are also cemeteries inside the site with tombs of super famous people, such as Dostoevsky and Tchaikovsky. However, a small fee is charged to enter this part of the monastery. In that case, the extra ride depends on the person’s taste. Ah, the part of the cemeteries is very similar to that of Recoleta, in Buenos Aires!

Free ride

Free tours in St. Petersburg

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Last but not least, the St. Petersburg Free Tour. The company has paid tours, but the free one is perfect for those who want to have an overview of the city and the main sights. The tour is done on foot and lasts about three hours. It can be a little tiring, but it’s worth it.
It is super important that you book your participation in the group first, because the agency is well known there. As this tour is free, the demand is even greater. If you want to know the places in the script and guarantee your registration, just click here ?
There is a lot of good to do for St. Petersburg without spending a lot. The parks are wonderful and the cultural tours please even those who are not a fan of history.
Paulo and I are super excited to get to know the country a little! Oh, don’t forget that I love reading your tour suggestions here in the comments!

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