Fresh look for insane heat in NY


The heat here in New York is worse than it was in LA and if you want to tour and kick your legs just like I can only if you leave the house fresh.
Yesterday I spent the whole day kicking my ass in Williamsburg, which is the neighborhood where I am these days.
In order not to be annoyed in the middle of the way and put my legs to move, I used a very fresh high-waisted shorts and a mustard-colored linen shirt with a super delicate detail that crosses the center of the shirt. In the photo it doesn’t appear, but I think it’s very cute that this shirt closes with buttons on the back, which is a little bad if you’re traveling alone, but with Paulo by my side I consider it a very cute detail.
To kick your legs it has to be tennis shoes and you already know, this one has been walking a lot with me everywhere. He just doesn’t go alone because he still doesn’t know where to go.
The green ring I bought today at a thrift store called Buffalo Exchange and the bag all woven in leather gives a unique charm to the look.
What did you think? What do you usually wear when you want to kick your legs?
1. Short | Urban Outfitters
2. Shirt | The little
3. Tennis | Vans
4. Ring | Vintage
5. Scholarship | Tory Burch

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