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More and more I know people who left everything they did to follow their dream, and I am loving this fashion!
Fernanda Bastos and Thomas Zander are another example of this case. After a trip to the United States, they returned to Brazil with the desire to have a more peaceful life and open their own business.
It was with this idea that they started to develop old-fashioned ice cream with natural products and artisanal methods. Amazing: they had never even tried to make an ice cream when they decided to open their own business.
After two years of much research and several attempts, the Frida e Mina ice cream shop was born in a renovated house.
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ice cream-shop-frida-e-mine-julia-prezotto-mascavo-ickfd
The coolest thing about the place is that everything they serve is prepared right there, in a kitchen open to customers. One, two or three scoops are served in the cone, in addition to the 480ml pot option.
The novelty of the place is that now they are walking the streets of São Paulo with a super charming bike! So you don’t have to go there to try brownies and these delicious ice creams.
The day I went, the flavor options were banana with cocoa, ginger with honey, coffee, cupuaçu, caramel with fleur de sel, dulce de leche, brown sugar with pecan nut, crispy with macadamia and mango.
I tried all but the mango. One thing I can say about everyone: the flavor is very strong and striking. None of that dulce de leche that you feel only at the very end. At Frida e Mina you put the ice cream in your mouth and love it or hate it.
I was surprised by the taste of cupuaçu, very sour! I had never seen ice cream that flavor.
In general, you can see the difference between an ice cream shop that develops products with fresh and organic ingredients, those with a completely artificial flavor.
What I liked most was the brown sugar, but the crunchy one was in second place very close.
Another thing that I found wonderful was the cone. Crispy and with a sweet taste. Very approved.
ice cream-shop-frida-e-mine-julia-prezotto-casquinhas-ickfd
Rua Artur de Azevedo, 1147, Pinheiros, tel. 2579-1444. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, from 12 pm to 9 pm. Closed on Sundays.
* And if you want to venture into artisanal ice cream too, on this link here you will find several recipes; D

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