Fritz, the dog without motor coordination

This is Fritz. He is a Golden Retriever with a youthful appearance and a lot of sympathy in his eyes, which recently became known worldwide for his peculiarity. Fritz, like many of us, cannot resist beautiful and appetizing food, but, unlike the normal reaction of several dogs when trying to catch something in the air, this one cannot master the technique. No way.
That’s why his owner decided to film him in countless attempts, always unsuccessful, to capture a delicious donut, a piece of pizza and even a Mexican taco. And these are just a few examples of the foods that Fritz has tried to get on the air. In just two months, the YouTube channel dedicated to him already has 12,413 subscribers and several people have tried to reproduce some of the scenes lived by Fritz. Poor thing, he hardly knows.
If you are wondering about the animal’s health, in the description of the video below, the owner explains that Fritz follows a healthy diet and has no vision problems. I really hope he doesn’t eat everything that appears in the video – just in case, one of them shows the golden one taking a broccoli. In the latter, he tries to get several canine snacks on a trip to NY. Go, Fritz!
Get ready to cry with laughter:
Sin! It makes you want to hug and squeeze, right?

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