Frozen food nutrition is better than its reputation
Frozen food nutrition is better than its reputation

Frozen food nutrition is better than its reputation

Does frozen food belong on your plate or should you keep your hands off it? The test…

While for some there is nothing else on their plate in the evening, many shake their heads when it comes to frozen food. The cold fast food is much better than its reputation. Star chef Nelson Müller tested a wide variety of offers in the program “Iglo, Frosta & Co. – How good is frozen food?” The result is surprising!

Is the quality convincing?

Taste is the number one priority for consumers. During the test meal of the chicken breast with potato wedges and vegetables, the guests guessed which dish was really freshly cooked. But they liked the frozen food just as much. The frozen packs are also unbeatable in terms of price. Frozen fruit is 25 percent cheaper than the fresh version. And ice cream is also available from 90 cents. However, the vanilla flavor is quite cheating. Because the pod is only taken out of the shell, the taste is then boiled out. And the yellow tone comes from the carotene pigment in the carrot.

The quality does not suffer when it comes to frozen food. On the contrary, manufacturers usually only need around two hours from harvest to packaging. This keeps vitamins and other ingredients fresh. In a test against meat from the butcher, frozen lamb even prevailed. According to Müller, it is “more intense in taste and more delicate.” Cakes from the chest, on the other hand, were below average. Nevertheless, the star chef awarded four out of five points in the quality check.

How healthy is frozen food?

In terms of nutritional values, the frozen goods are in no way inferior to the fresh variants. While fresh peas have 18 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams, frozen vegetables have 17 milligrams.

Opinions are divided when it comes to processing – for example fish. “We only want to fish from stocks that are managed sustainably”, swears Dirk Winkelmann, plant manager at Iglo. However, Greenpeace regards the bottom trawls as negative, which drag across the sea floor and thus destroy the habitat of many animals. “Too much fish is being fetched from the seas,” says Nelson Müller.

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