Fun bag and mix of textures!
Fun bag and mix of textures

Fun bag and mix of textures!

There’s nothing I like more about fashion than having fun with unique pieces! In fact, my passion for thrift stores comes precisely because of that, after all, in these places you can find models that totally escape the traditional. This time, my favorite piece was not mined at any antique store, but at Serpui.
Those who follow my looks for longer on instagram and here on the blog know that I really love the brand. The bags and clutches are tiny – something I love – and always have a different design. This model, for example, is simply a wonderful toucan! And as if the shape and unique colors were not enough, the piece is made of straw!

I used this production in Buenos Aires (who is already following the vlogs there?) And, as the city has this kind of old-fashioned vibe, I couldn’t resist and put on a midi skirt with the same footprint. The high-waist model is from A. Niemeyer and has a side cut in caramel that, although neutral, brings even more charm to the piece.

As the colors were very classic, I bet on the texture mix. The white knit blouse is a wildcard in my wardrobe and a great replacement for the traditional shirt. And I don’t even need to talk about the versatility of the denim jacket, right?

The look follows a very classic palette, but I really enjoyed the mix of materials and the fun touch that the bag brought to the look. Did you like it too?
1- Knitting – Maria Filó
2- Get out – A. Niemeyer
3- Coat – Urban Outfitters
4- Sandal – Base Project
5- Scholarship – Serpui
6- Sunglasses – Fendi


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