Fun Pinhata Cake!

Fun Pinhata Cake!

Some desserts, besides being delicious, are super fun. To bring this more playful side, many people end up opting for the American portfolio. The problem, however, is that it is not very tasty, right?
If you are looking for a different recipe that is still part of this more playful universe, how about making a pinata cake? It is not very complicated to prepare and everyone will be surprised as soon as you cut the first slice!

Fun Pinhata Cake!

Complete recipe

The end result of this dessert is beautiful and appeals to both adults and children. This heart-shaped recipe, for example, was made to please Paulo during Valentine’s Day!

How to make

Fun Pinhata Cake!

Photos: Woman’s Weekly and My Name is Yea

I promise that making this sweet wonder is easier than it looks. The base of the cake can be cut or not, but that is up to you. In my creation of pinata cake, I chose to leave the cut base for M & M’s to fall more freely when cutting.
The ideal is divide the dough of the cake in two ways to make more layers of filling. So, keep in mind that the revenue will be quite large. After roasting, divide the pasta in half. Then, just cut the brains out of all of them, leaving only one without the hole for it to serve as a “cover”.
Another essential tip: do not make a super fluffy cake dough, because the middle of the top of it may not be able to support itself without something under it. If you want to use a complete recipe, just click here ?


Looking for ideas to make the cake even more creative? I believe that these images that I selected will be great inspirations for you. Put on dye in the dough is one of the most practical ways to give a special face to the cake, especially if you decide to make a colorful dessert.
Also be sure to abuse your creativity when choosing confectionery. I used M & M’s, but you can put chocolate Drops, mini truffles and even small brigadeiros!


Going a little further, have you considered making a pinata cookie? This type of candy can even serve as a gift or souvenir for holidays. Birthdays and Christmas, for example, are always good dates to give someone something special. To obtain a delicate and charming result, be sure to use a mold and make the pasta very thin.
With this cake / cookie, you can be sure that you will surprise many people! I venture to say that it is even more interesting than the volcano cake, since the confectionery is really unexpected ?

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