Functional Gym with Brastemp and Finish

I came back a little out of shape in Paris. Needless to say, eating in the city that has the best food in the world did not make me regret at all. I gained weight by eating really good stuff, well-made food and not packet extracts.
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But getting fat is not easy and I even created a column here at ICKFD, o I’ve already put on weight for less, to talk about it and put all the demons related to it out. It’s doing me very well.
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Besides speaking it is good to act, so I looked for a functional gym, first because when I decided to go back to the gym I had broken my finger and could not enter the facilities of normal gyms without a shoe and second because I was tired of the old treadmill and boring equipment weight training.
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I went to take a test class at the functional academy and realized that one day there would never be the same. Countless equipment to play with and lots of energy to spend. The teachers are also super agile and are ready for whatever you need, even a massage if you are on a very tired day. They see what you need at that moment and that’s too much.
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Just like Brastemp and Finish, who saw that I needed time to dedicate myself to my physical health and gave me a dishwasher. Now I have much more free time to dedicate myself to my spine and my future weight loss; D
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