Funny carpets and rugs

Funny carpets and rugs

When I say that small details make a difference in the decor, I’m talking about the offal! I know that furniture, coverings and lighting pieces are super important points in any environment, but who doesn’t like to be surprised with funny phrases or cute illustrations in a comic, cushion and on the carpets?

Funny carpets and rugs

Photo: Magnolia Market via Pinterest

I have always been very fond of decoration in general; and can i speak? That doormat at the entrance to the house can already have a good impact!
Everyone has a model, no matter how simple it is at the entrance to the house, so why not give more attention to the piece? Currently, there is no shortage of pieces with cute phrases and even cool illustrations.

I made a selection with several models that I left at the end of the post, but of course you can also be inspired by models and create your own customized version. a stencil handmade or purchased ready-made and a suitable spray paint is enough to produce amazing mats and rugs ?

Funny carpets and rugs

Photo: Lonny

Speaking of rugs, I could not fail to mention the towels for the bathroom – another piece that everyone has at home, right? Fun and unusual phrases leave the space with much more personality, besides being very cozy!


What’s the use of being inspired by ideas and not knowing where to find cool pieces? I hope this selection helps you find the perfect model to complement your decor ?
Funny carpets and rugs
1- “Pra Pisar, Pisei” rug at Imaginarium – R $ 79.90
2- Casa Capacho in the Casa Decoração Store – R $ 140.00
3- Hello Bye Doormat from Espaço Santa Helena – R $ 65.90
4- Doormat Come As You Are from the Entrance Door – R $ 124.37
5- Cosi Home Cleaner Doormat at Casa que Tem – R $ 176.00
6- Doormat Sayings of Camesa at Americanas – R $ 18.90
7- Phantom Doormat from Cosi Home – R $ 160.00
8- Oppa Design Cactus Doormat – R $ 99.44
9- Americanas Doormat Not You Again – R $ 126.49
10- Kapazi Super Print Hello Blue Vinyl Doormat at Dafiti – R $ 49.90

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