Fur vest and many accessories

Fur vest and many accessories

The second day here in Austin was a little confusing. The video didn’t go up to the channel at all and finally, with the help of YouTube technicians, we managed to put this chocolate cheesecake cake in the air!
Because of this delay, I ended up not being able to attend the morning lectures. I took the opportunity to update some things and do some exercises – I showed a little bit there on the snap: danielle noce!
I managed to arrive at SXSW only at the time of the last lecture, which was Designing Happiness. The Disney marketing director and 3 other people shared their experiences about the importance of doing more than the ordinary to truly brighten the spirit of that person you are serving.
experiences about the importance of doing more than the ordinary to truly brighten the spirit of that person you are serving.
The lecture was incredible and something that really touched me was the story of a couple who had gone to New York for the first time and had written down some things that they couldn’t help doing in the city. On the last day they went to dinner at a restaurant 3 times Michelin, but the only thing they hadn’t been able to do until then was try the NY style pizza.
When they told the maitre d ‘it, he immediately went to the kitchen to see what could be done (obviously without telling the couple anything). After much discussion about whether to make the pizza there or leave it alone, they came to a consensus that the ideal way would be to order a pizza in the best place in town – and that’s what they did! The couple’s surprise when realizing that one of the 8 dishes had been this pizza they ordered outside the restaurant especially for them was unforgettable and it will certainly stay in their hearts for a long time, or who knows this story will still be told to friends, future children, family members … And that is why these moments of happiness are so important, as they are the ones we mark in memory as true experiences for the rest of our lives.
Although the lecture was incredible, in the end they decided to put some puppies for people to pet. I thought this was really absurd and I told it all on the snap: danielle noce.
Then, over the night, we went to an NBA party at the Four Seasons, but I confess it was a little meow. We are still trying to get into the Mr. Robot series party, only the line went around and around.
We finally decided to go eat at MoonShine and it was very tasty, especially the drink I had: the blind mule, a variation of the Moscow Mule. Of course, before I stopped by Urban Outfitters that was on the way because nobody is made of iron hahaha ?
The look I chose was total black, full of metallic accessories – including the detailed boots. The fur vest was the third ideal piece, because in addition to getting very hot it also made the production much more stylish!

  1. Pants | Farm
  2. Boot | Arezzo
  3. T-Shirt | Diesel
  4. Vest | Channel
  5. Purse | Denise Gerassi
  6. Rings | Julia Blini
  7. Skull ring and snake necklace | Ara Vartanian
  8. Watch | Vintage, but renovated by NY Kinfolk
  9. MAC Steam Heat Lipstick

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