Furoshiki, the way to pack gifts with fabric

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Receive a gift it is always a cause for joy. When it comes wrapped in a beautiful fabric instead of paper, then, it seems that the memory becomes even more special. The method of packing something on a square piece of cloth, known as furoshiki, was developed in Japan more than 1,200 years ago, and was used to store valuable objects from emperors during the Nara era.
A few centuries later, when Japanese bathrooms became popular, furoshiki served to house customers’ clothes. In fact, that was when the name became popular: “furo”, in Japanese, means bath, while “shiki” is to spread (in the beginning, the package was known as “hirazutsumi”).
Today, it is tradition to present someone with a beautiful wrapping of fabric. For the Japanese, giving anything without any packaging is considered a gross lack of education.
wrapping-with-fabric-holes-minted-ickfdSources: Akamahid / Minted
I found this attitude so beautiful and delicate that I wanted to share it with you! In addition to being very easy to make, the furoshiki is used for boxes, larger pots and even bottles – the size of the fabric varies depending on what you want to wrap. In the photos below, the author of the blog Frockfiles shows how easy it is to pack a kitchen pot:
Japanese-wrapping-with-fabric-furoshiki-frockfiles-ickfd-1Japanese-wrapping-with-fabric-furoshiki-frockfiles-ickfd-2Japanese-wrapping-with-fabric-furoshiki-frockfiles-ickfd-3Source: Frockfiles
See how easy it is? The following are other cool examples:
wrapping-with-fabric-furoshiki-minted-ickfd-2Japanese-wrapping-with-fabric-furoshiki-hellosociety-ickfdSources: Minted / Hello Society
Lush, a brand of vegan and odorous cosmetics, is also very famous for spreading the idea of ​​”know wraps”; the website has a lot of options with beautiful prints (although very expensive, after all we are talking about a piece of fabric) and tutorials on how to pack countless objects, including making bags and turbans! Click here to check it out.
Like the idea? I loved it and for sure I will start using it on all my gifts, starting with Easter!

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