Gabbiano al mare

Gabbiano al mare

My family is of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese origin. Of this mix, we all have in common the love of gathering family and friends around the table. So for those who LOVE, like me, good Italian food and love discovering new restaurants, the Gabbiano al mare in Ipanema it is one of those restaurants that can provide very special moments.

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First, to clarify a common doubt, the “Al mare” The name of the place does NOT refer to a restricted fish menu. In fact, it has to do with the privileged location, facing post 9 with large windows overlooking the sea. What a look! Which makes the window tables the most disputed. To complete, “Gabbiano” means “seagull” in Italian. I dare say that the view alone is worth the visit, but the truth is that the menu reserves many surprises …

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Signed by chef Romano Fontanive, the menu features Italian dishes in contemporary versions of pasta, risottos, meats and just some seafood. In this way, the tasting menu provides a gastronomic tour of flavors and textures, among which there is the coolest to be served …

To start the work, crispy white pizza with parmesan and olive oil. I LOVE olive oil! And Muraglia is one of the most delicious I’ve ever tasted. DOC certificate, porcelain packaging painted by hand with different designs, harvest / extraction in the Andria region in Italy and intense fruity flavor. Here in Rio it sells only in Gabbiano for R $ 150. Anything goes!

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Input, basket of grana padano with polenta, black truffles, poached egg and olive oil with white truffle aroma. My desire was to repeat! The aroma and flavor of the truffles was scandalous and the polenta was as creamy as ever.

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The first dish was spinach spaghetti with shrimp, squid and octopus in traditional carbonara sauce (without sour cream, only in the egg). It was the only dish that I didn’t completely like. I found the pasta thick and heavy, but the seafood was generous and tender.

gabbiano rj massa ickfd

The second dish was chateaubriand heart with fois gras sauce, reduction of port wine and calabrian potatoes. The filet mignon was extremely tender and juicy, crumbling in the mouth with the delicious sauce. Fantastic! I just thought that they could have chosen a more expressive accompaniment to marry such a noble meat preparation, replacing the potatoes.

gabbiano rj carne ickfd

To finish off with a flourish, petit gâteau de dulce de leche with fresh strawberry and cinnamon ice cream. Divine! The creamy and warm cake went perfectly with the ice cream and the flour that gave an unexpected crunchy texture. So good that I don’t want to share lol.

petit gateau gabbiano ickfd nanda nunes

Certainly “Gabi” is a restaurant to calmly enjoy a different menu on occasions beyond unforgettable. Detail, as the restaurant is inside the Hotel Sol Ipanema, it is worth taking a short break to the roof where there is a bar with a magnificent view.

Gabbiano al mare

Av. Vieira Souto – 320

Hotel Sol Ipanema

Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Reservations: (21) 2521-6464

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