Gaining Weight James McAvoy: Problems with Gaining Weight

Gaining Weight James McAvoy: Problems with Gaining Weight

Many women would like the problem: James McAvoy has problems with gaining weight. The Scottish theater and film actor actually wanted to put on a little weight for the film “Drecksau”, but that was probably not that easy.

It makes sense that many people have problems with losing weight – but with weight? For actor James McAvoy, it was not at all easy to put on a few pounds for the new thriller from Danny Boyle. The 33-year-old told the Internet portal “”: “For four weeks I tried to eat fish and drink Guinness and whiskey in the evening. But my insides just refused, and in the end there was a two and a half week episode before Christmas. My intestines simply said no. ”Since he suffered from diarrhea due to the change in diet, the weight gain didn’t really work out.

Gaining weight healthily

While there are tips for losing weight like a dime a dozen, advice on gaining weight is rather rare. However, since being underweight can also pose a health risk, affected people should try to gain weight in a healthy way. In advance, the cause of the underweight should be investigated and possible diseases such as lactose intolerance, an overactive thyroid, Crohn’s disease, HIV, stomach diseases or depression should be excluded. If you want to gain weight, you should change your current diet and try to take in around 500 kilocalories more than before. So that the body is not overburdened all at once, the total amount of energy should be divided into around five to six smaller meals a day. A complete change in diet is not absolutely necessary. You can also enrich the foods you normally eat with additional energy, for example with high-quality oils for soup or salad and cheese for bread and pasta. If you want to gain weight in a healthy way, you should still use valuable food. Unhealthy foods such as French fries provide a lot of energy, but only a few vitamins, minerals and trace elements, explain the experts from the “Apotheken Umschau” Internet portal. Instead, high-calorie and healthy foods such as salmon, nuts, dried fruits, avocados, bananas, whole grain bread and fruit juices should be on the menu.

Why did James McAvoy have problems gaining weight?

James McAvoy may have tried gaining weight the wrong way. Fatty fish is a good way to get healthy as possible, but mixing it with Guinness and whiskey is probably not a good idea. No wonder the actor’s digestive system went crazy there. In general, alcohol is of no help in a healthy gain plan. James McAvoy would have been better off with fruit juice.

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