Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

One of the indispensable items in the décor of the new production company is Gallery Wall. As I told in the reference video, the walls with photos, pictures and posters certainly catch my attention not only aesthetically, but also emotionally. I love having memories of important moments in my life and memories of loved ones close by, so a wall with all these items will make any environment more cozy.

Photo – My Domaine

Since a lot of people also love this cute mix of comics, I decided to share some good tips I found on Pinterest ?

How to assemble?


Picture – Momtastic

The definition of spaces is definitely the most important step in the entire process. The best tip I found is for sure to cut the shape of the frames in kraft paper and then position them on the wall in the way you prefer. This is a simple, practical and inexpensive alternative to test numerous composition possibilities. I guarantee that taking a few hours out of your day to do these tests will help a lot when it comes to final assembly!
At the same time that you define the spaces it is very important to also select the frame style and what goes in each of the frames. Illustrations? Photos? Posters? The possibilities are many and placing each piece on the floor will also help you find the best way to organize it on the wall ?

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