Gardening supplies you need to have before buying plants

Gardening supplies you need to have before buying plants

Take care of plants too easy! With a little patience, calm and some care it’s all right! The plants are living beings and need food, light, fertilizer, environment … Just like us and our pet friends ? So, before buying plants and having several types scattered around the rooms of the house, it is good to be aware of this list that we have prepared with the main gardening materials you need to have before buying plants. Enjoy!

Gardening supplies you need to have before buying plants

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One of the things you will have to do more often is to water your plants. So having a watering can it is an essential gardening material and makes practice easier and more efficient. The special equipment for watering the plants can better direct the water to the soil instead of the leaves, ideal at the time of irrigation.

Gardening supplies you need to have before buying plants

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The size will vary according to the watering instructions for each plant and, of course, the environment! In general, an average watering can is more than enough. It doesn’t weigh that much and is easier to handle.


In the middle of the plant care process you will sometimes have to prune some branches or remove some leaves to use in your recipes, for example. Have one scissors just for that, making the cut very accurate and sharp is essential. The scissors must always be clean so as not to hurt the plant, as this would provide conditions for the proliferation of some diseases.

Gardening supplies you need to have before buying plants

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In addition to scissors, other tools such as peace, rake and hoe they are very cool when it comes to preparing the soil, changing a pot plant or collecting some dry leaves. Have one sprinkler it is also very good for when you need to wet the leaves of the plants on very dry days or apply some homemade recipe to avoid insects, fungi and bacteria. Ah, if you are going to grow cacti or other plants with thorns one resistant glove can be cool ?


First of all: vases have holes underneath and no cachepots, so the last ones are just decorative. That said, there are two times when we will need new vessels: When we buy for the ground they come in very tight pots and it’s good to change. Of course, when they grow up after a while and need more space to develop. The little plates they are essential so that the drainage water does not wet the furniture that accommodates the plants.

Gardening supplies you need to have before buying plants

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There are many types of vessels ceramic, plastic, cement, glass… But in the end they are divided into two large groups: those who absorb moisture and the waterproof. The ceramic, cement and wood ones absorb water and the plastic, glass or waterproof ones do not. This is very important when choosing, as those that retain liquid will need more watering and consequently are not good for plants that need a lot of water.


There will come a time in your garden routine when the plants will need to be transplanted. This will make it more alive, with more nutrients in the soil and mainly more space to grow. For that, we will need substrate, which are lands with organic compounds, fibers and ideal conditions for the good development of the plant.

Gardening supplies you need to have before buying plants

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Not all are the same because not all plants need the same type of substrate. They are always made of vegetable soil, organic compost and some fiber or sand. Some plants need a sandy soil, others more humid and others very fibrous, such as the orchid. There are some more general varieties like “substrate for foliage”, which work for most.


Not just the substrate goes inside the pots. It is important to do what is called layer of drainage. That is, a part to retain the liquid and prevent water from accumulating in the pot and rotting the roots.

Gardening supplies you need to have before buying plants

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To make this layer you need clay expanded or materials that are not organic and will not decompose. The expanded clay is very indicated for being light. To make the separation between the substrate and the expanded clay the most used material is Blanket of bidim, but it can be TNT or another separator that will not decompose and let the water pass (it serves as a filter).


Once planted, from time to time (every 4 months or so), plants need fertilizing. This stage is very important for the plant to develop with quality, to be strong against diseases and to flourish if it is a peace lily, anthurium, orchid … That is why it is within the list of gardening materials.

Gardening supplies you need to have before buying plants

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There are two types of fertilizers: organic and the inorganic. The first is made of “live” materials, such as earthworm humus, manure, bran, shells and others. They are great because they provide long-term nutrients, slow decomposition and even increase soil diversity. Inorganics are all made up of fossil minerals or oil and are usually made up of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK). They are fast-absorbing chemicals, but need more care regarding the amount to be placed.

  • Have one composter at home is a great solution, as it reduces your organic waste and still gives nutrients to plants.


You know those potted plants with a very beautiful cover of shells of tree? It is exactly these gardening materials that we are talking about and, although they are very attractive, they do not have the function of simply embellishing the decoration. The materials that cover the land give countless benefits to plants: they space irrigation, conserve nutrients, prevent flies and some decompose over time and provide fertilization.

Gardening supplies you need to have before buying plants

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The most used is to yawn of pinsafter all, it is super cheap, light and efficient. However, stones, dry leaves, carbonized rice husks, straw, etc. can be used.


Finally, it was time for decorationafter all, beauty is also important in gardening materials, right? The cachepos they are those “vases” without the holes underneath and serve exclusively to hide the real vases. They can be of any material, fabric, rope and many other very creative alternatives.

Gardening supplies you need to have before buying plants

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And of course, there are the famous and loved ones plants pending that look beautiful when hung with brackets made of macrame. To do this, any type of thread or thread can be used as long as they are resistant to the point of holding the plant and the pot. And of course, a good DIY from YouTube or Pinterest will help you succeed with that.


The text was long, wasn’t it? Now that you understand exactly what it’s for and how important these are materials of gardening, a short list follows.

  1. Watering can;
  2. Scissors;
  3. Pazinha;
  4. Rake;
  5. Hoe;
  6. Sprinkler;
  7. Glasses;
  8. Plates;
  9. Substrate;
  10. Expanded clay;
  11. Bidim blanket;
  12. Fertilizer;
  13. Pin shell;
  14. Cachepot (optional);
  15. Macrame rope (optional).


All right to have lots of plants at home? Tell us here in the comments if you think some important gardening materials were missing.

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