Gastronomy Sayings

Gastronomy Sayings

For me, cooking was never just making food. Since I was a child, when I started helping my mother in the kitchen, going to the kitchen gave me pleasure, inspiration and, of course, guaranteed the brigadeiro pot for me. I always liked to try new things, to tidy up my dish a little more and my family’s fragrant foods. Smells, colors, inventions. Food is not just about taste.
The years passed and although my preference for sweets is clear, I always liked to cook, in general, calling friends to eat and talk. I’m that type of person who stops at a store and looks at spices, shapes, dishes … well, my entry into gastronomy was inevitable.
When studying gastronomy, we study a universe of things: chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, history, food legislation, not to mention the practical disciplines, of classic kitchens such as the French and many others. Although the differences between students as an age group, preferences of area of ​​activity and opinions are very common, I observed something in common among all, perhaps you identify with some of these points that I call Gastronomy Sayings:

  1. Don’t tease colleagues, they have knives.
  2. Don’t eat the books, they will teach you how to make food.
  3. Even if already enrolled, as long as there is a practical class, be careful, you can earn a cutoff point.
  4. Yes, it is true, you will never be sufficiently equipped.
  5. Blinked, event, mini-course, lecture appears.
  6. People think you take a recipe course.
  7. Using Dolma makes you more careful not to get dirty.
  8. The time will come to make preparations that you don’t like.
  9. You will arrange with colleagues to go out to eat and talk about practical subjects.
  10. You, in your social life, will practice knowledge and provide pleasant moments.
  11. Lab Costume goes to the home kitchen.
  12. Cell phones and cameras are unofficial instruments for practical classes.
  13. It looks like science fiction, but it is a study of gastronomy in practice.
  14. Recipe pattern and your personal taste will not always be understood.
  15. Even if silently, you start criticizing food establishments.
  16. In the laboratory: truffled butter, fillets, aromatic herbs. At home: Lunch to warm up.
  17. Your friends think that, even in the first period, you already know how to do everything and that you know all the ingredients in the world.
  18. All the morals you feel when wearing the Dolman will go away when you get dirty.
  19. Doing the wrong thing at home you think: “The teacher would kill me if he saw me doing this.”
  20. Love does not come in sachets.

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