Gave Node: Hairstyles to Test Now!

Gave Node: Hairstyles to Test Now!

Who doesn’t like practicality and versatility when it comes to beauty? I confess that I am not the biggest fan of hairstyles on a daily basis precisely because I don’t have much patience to spend minutes (or even hours) of my day in front of the mirror testing products and accessories.
However, there are, yes, some alternatives of simple hairstyles that can be done at home even perfect to change the look from time to time. And incredible as it may seem, the knots are excellent allies to finish off and even create an incredible hairstyle!

Gave Node: Hairstyles to Test Now!

Photo: Locarius

Well, who would say that we in hair would be so interesting, right? I selected several inspiring photos to help those who, like me, want to vary their hair every day ?


The ponytail has always been my favorite hairstyle, after all, it doesn’t take even 30 seconds to make a little one! I like all styles: high, medium, low, well attached to the head and, of course, uncluttered. What I had never thought about was to finish off the hairstyle with a little one on top of the elastic to finish it off. It’s a simple and super charming solution!
Also, if you have longer strands, how about making a big, low knot with all the hair in the back? Just attach it with a clip underneath and leave the rest of the length loose.

Half Stuck

Those who have short and medium hair can also use and abuse the nuts, mainly to finish off the half-stuck hairstyles. You can make a simple knot and fasten with clips, but it is also possible to create more elaborate versions with several nuts (photo 1) or even a “bun” (photo 2).


Gave Node: Hairstyles to Test Now!

Photos: The poetry of material things Tumblr and Pinterest

Speaking of buns, you probably already do a little bit in the most stripped-down hairstyles. In a hurry, there’s nothing easier than curling all your hair, right? If you’re lucky enough to have thicker hair, sometimes you don’t even need hairpins and rubber bands to fix it.

However, knotted buns can also yield supersophisticated hairstyles. The aligned versions, well attached to the head and short ones are great examples. In this case, finishing the knot with the points inward becomes more interesting and elegant ?


And who knew that knots could be great substitutes for traditional braids? I don’t know about you, but I don’t have much skill when it comes to braiding and that’s why the sequence of knots fixed with clips has caught my attention so much. Why not test your hairstyle? If it works, you can use it even at more formal parties!
Tell the truth: you never thought that knotted hair could be so cool, huh? I really couldn’t imagine the versatility of a hair tie!

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