Gelato Diletto

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Without a doubt, my favorite popsicle brand in Brazil is Diletto. For me, I haven’t eaten here today, a popsicle as tasty, soft and incredible as Diletto’s popsicles. My favorite is Gianduia, for sure. But on those days when I’m feeling a little overweight, my ideal flavor is that of Sicilian Lemon, which only has 59 Kcal and is also ideal for those very hot summer days, because it is super refreshing. The last flavor I tried these days was that of dulce de leche, it doesn’t come with as pungent a dulce de leche flavor as I expected, but because of the amount of calories, which, if I remember correctly, were around 100, it is perfect !! #ficaadica
PHOTO: Danielle Noce – IG: icouldkillfordessert

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