Geometric elements in the decor!

Geometric elements in the decor!

Who loves to change the home decor? I don’t know about you, but I always keep an eye on new decoration trends. Because of this, I always end up buying something or other to add or change in the environment of my home or office.
As 2019 is already coming, this is a good time to transform the rooms where you live or work. New year, new decor! So, how about using geometric elements to compose the décor of the spaces? In addition to appearing on prints, decorative objects geometric shapes are also beautiful and super modern ?

Geometric elements in the decor!

Photo: Urban Outfitters

If you liked the idea, but don’t know how to apply it, you can rest assured. I have separated some wonderful alternatives and decoration items that are easy to find!


For a more radical change, bet on the geometry of the furniture. I know that this type of product ends up being a little more expensive because of the design, but it makes the decoration very charming and full of personality.
The most common way to find geometric details in furniture is at the top of the furniture. In other words: chairs, tables and sideboards gain different bases and with different designs. Oh, and these bases are usually mostly triangular or pentagon / hexagon shaped.


Geometric elements in the decor!

Photos: Urban Outfitters and Maisons du Mond via Pinterest

In my view, this is one of the simplest ways to bring a geometric touch to the decor. After all, mirrors are always welcome. The interesting thing is that they can be incorporated in various environments, such as living room, bathroom and bedroom.
You can choose to place a single mirror or make a composition on the wall with smaller pieces. In that case, think of them as small comics and visualize how you would like the final result to look.


Impossible not to talk about vases, right? Plants have always been a popular decoration item. But in 2018 I had the impression that our homes and offices were even greener!
Hanging pots, for example, are super charming and leave the corner where they are placed with a more lively air. Also consider the option of buying small terrariums, which are very modern ornaments for the table or shelf. In addition to being a kind of delicate decor, they are perfect for the most discreet staff.


We often have the impression that our walls are too empty. In some cases, this problem can be solved with comics, mirrors or vases. But, when the space is very large, the best alternative may be to place a shelf!
Triangular shapes are the easiest to find, but this also varies widely between stores and cities. Depending on the location and function of the shelf, it would be nice to think about the possibility of hiring a planned furniture company so that everything is very harmonious.

Trinket Box

You know that corner of the table where you leave some things lying around, like keys and rings? This small space also deserves attention! Nowadays, most decoration stores sell beautiful frame cases – including several models in geometric shapes.
Ah, some vases can even be used as an object holder, so be sure to use creativity. I know this seems to be a very silly detail, but you can be sure that your home will be more organized and beautiful ?

Where to find?

Geometric elements in the decor!
1- Side table covers at Ondo – R $ 570.00
2- MUMA table cup – R $ 189.00
3- Pot for triangle plants at Ondo – R $ 229.00
4- Black stealth shelf at MUMA – R $ 94.00
5- Support for sale at TOK & STOK – R $ 37.50
6- Hexagonal mirror at Ondo – RS $ 299.00
7- Triangular shelf on Etna – R $ 119.90
8- Hummingbird pendant lamp at MUMA -R $ 660.00
9- Pyramid terrarium at Casa MinD – R $ 129.00
10- Tray for accessories at Americanas – R $ 76.00

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