Military Diet This diet promises five pounds in a week
Military diet this diet promises five pounds in a week

Get rid of belly fat With this secret trick you can get a flat stomach

Among the many foods that have little impact on the digestive tract, one thing stands out in particular – baby food. This allows you to lose weight in a targeted manner and get a flat stomach.

Losing weight on the stomach is not an easy thing, because the bacon rolls stick very stubbornly at this point. Perhaps you have a slow metabolism due to your predisposition or there is already a lot of water stored in your abdominal tissue. You can always get a flat stomach – with baby food.

Baby food helps you lose weight and ensures a flat stomach

Baby food is a real nutritional miracle. Because the little ones have to be supplied with all the necessary nutrients and the food should not unnecessarily burden the little body.

This exercise turns belly fat into pure muscle!

Abdominal Exercise 1 - Side Planks

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This food is not seasoned, pureed and therefore very easy to digest. Your intestines and your digestive tract are not stressed by baby food and it does not lead to gas. This will keep or make your stomach nice and flat.

So that you can lose weight with baby food on your stomach, it must of course also be low in calories. It’s best to put together your own recipe. For example, you can puree fresh fruit together with oatmeal in a blender.

Or you can mix different types of vegetables, such as fresh leaf spinach and tomatoes, until you get a pulp. You don’t have to do without a light seasoning either. A little sea salt, fresh pepper and turmeric are allowed, as explained on the online page “”.

It doesn’t matter whether you make a sweet or a savory version of baby food to lose weight on your stomach. The only important thing is that you replace one full meal a day with baby food. Then you quickly get a flat stomach.

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These foods also help you keep your stomach flat

When it comes to foods that help you keep your stomach flat, tomatoes come first. They are available in numerous variants and with different flavors. According to the online magazine “” tomatoes have one high potassium content, which can effectively flush out stored fluids in the body.

Therefore, the red vegetables should be on your menu more often in order to get a flat stomach. You can drink tomato juice or eat fresh tomatoes.

Apples are also ideal for losing weight on the stomach. They are low in calories, do not bloat, curb cravings and also have important fiber. One apple a day is therefore ideal for getting a flat stomach.

Why apples are the new diet miracle!

Radical or moderate
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