Get rid of love handles This is how you lose that annoying hip gold

Get rid of love handles This is how you lose that annoying hip gold

Whether you call them lifebuoys, love handles or something else – the problem remains the same in the end. The hips are one of the areas of the body that often build up too much fat and which is difficult to train again afterwards. Even if you are very active in sports, this is no guarantee that the love handles will go away on their own. However, with the right exercises, you can work towards making them melt.

Why you gain weight at your hips first

Somehow, it’s always the hips where unloved love handles first spread out. This problem occurs again and again, especially with women. The primary formation of these cushions is due to a body mechanism. This is because it stores reserves for bad times. This was already the case in the Stone Age, when it was normal that people did not get something to eat every day.

However, these days there are no longer periods of hunger like this. In addition, in many cases there is a relatively unhealthy lifestyle, which contains foods that promote the growth of fat deposits. That’s why the body is more likely to put on fat these days. In men, this happens on the stomach, in women on the hips.

Fortunately, there are some measures that can help you to decimate the padded problem areas in the long term.

Stay away from a diet

Dieting might be the best thing to do when it comes to shedding those extra pounds, right? – Not correct! The big problem with many diets is that, although they manage the consumption of calories better, they start a process in the body that later becomes dearly for the dieter.

As soon as the body consumes less than 1,000 calories per day, it goes into the mode of accumulating energy stores. This is related to the mechanism mentioned earlier, which provides us with sufficient energy during periods of hunger. This method seems to work at first. But once the diet is stopped, all the fat that you had lost so nicely comes back twice or even three times.

This yo-yo effect can be avoided by ensuring that more energy is consumed while maintaining the same amount of energy. This concept can only be achieved with a healthy diet and exercise.

With a healthy diet against the hip gold

Losing love handles is much easier when the diet is right. It should be balanced and healthy. Then the pounds melt away much better. But what does a healthy diet include?

  • Whole grains fill you up and are a good substitute for typical sources of carbohydrates. They are usually the better alternative for white flour and Co.
  • Dietary fiber, as found in legumes, ensures regular digestion.
  • High-quality protein sources such as eggs, chicken or turkey help you supply your body with the right substances to build muscles. This also includes dairy products.
  • Vegetables and fruits provide the necessary vitamins and minerals and at the same time represent a further source of fiber.
  • Water, unsweetened teas, and fruit juice spritzers provide your body with enough fluids. He needs two to three liters every day to ensure that it functions properly. In addition, drinking too much reduces hunger and gets the metabolism going.

Briefly something about a vegetarian diet: Vegetarians have a harder time when it comes to protein sources, but they too can strive for a healthy diet with the right ingredients. Soy products, chia seeds or buckwheat can be considered as alternatives.

There are a few absolute no-gos: foods that you should avoid. This includes fast food, sweetened drinks like lemonade and juice, as well as sugar and sweets. Stay away from finished products as far as possible, because these are usually provided with artificial flavor enhancers, colorings and fats that are only counterproductive for your diet.

Get rid of love handles with proper exercise

In the exercise program, it is important to choose a mixture of endurance and weight training. While endurance sports mainly ensure that there is an increased consumption of calories, weight training ensures the development of healthy muscles.

In endurance sports, you can choose between numerous sports. This includes:

  • To run
  • swim
  • To go biking
  • aerobics

If you have no sporting experience, you can also start Nordic walking and after a while start jogging or running. The main advantage of all these sports is that you are not tied to a gym, but can also enjoy them in the great outdoors.

There are also various exercises from the field of strength sports. The best exercises to get rid of love handles are crunches, side supports, leg extensions, jumping jacks, or – if you already have some athletic experience – so-called burpees. If you have a dumbbell available, the exercise program expands to include additional exercises that can decimate your hip gold.

Important notes on the course

You will probably not notice the first results for a week or two. However, despite training and a healthy diet, it can happen that other areas of the body benefit first and only then does the hips lose weight.

Don’t let this discourage you. In most cases it is even the case that, for example, the thighs initially increase in size. This is due to the fact that muscles develop here and gradually replace the fat. You train your whole body with the new way of life. Changes to the hips are only noticeable when the entire rest of the body is in the middle of the change.

Set yourself a training stimulus in the field of sport. You can achieve this if you keep pushing your limits during the workout. With its help, you can achieve quick success and stick to your project. However, also think about the recovery phases. Because during this your muscles grow, which in turn help burn fat.

All in all, it can be said: just training away the love handles usually doesn’t work. The combination of a healthy diet and a balanced exercise program will help you to implement your project in the long term.

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