Get slim These 5 tips will help you lose weight quickly and easily

Superfood goji berries and walnuts?  We found something better: Noni juice!

Lose weight in a jiffy? No problem with us. No, these weight loss tips really help you lose a few grams in no time at all. How it works? Read here!

After the holidays, most of us have one or two more feel-good pounds on our hips. But don’t worry, with a few simple tips for losing weight you will get rid of those pounds quickly. Curious? Here are the five best weight loss tips to start the year.

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1. Drink ginger water

If you start your day without coffee and drink ginger water instead, you will burn extra calories in the morning. Ginger water gets your metabolism going, among other things. This is what the personal trainer and nutrition coach Silke Kayadelen says in an article in the online magazine “”.

2. Have a good breakfast

One of the best weight loss tips is having the right breakfast. Here you should go for whole grain products, because they contain a lot of fiber that stimulates your combustion and your metabolism. To lose weight faster, you should therefore have a cereal with oatmeal for breakfast.

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Slim fast
You are guaranteed to lose weight with these diets

There are numerous diets that finally promise lasting success. But some of the methods are extremely tedious – or even unhealthy. We have put together a list of the diets that will really help you lose weight and also help you live a healthier life over the long term.

3. Lose weight quickly thanks to chilli

If you’re already eating chilli in the morning, the hot pod can easily shed your pounds. The active ingredient capsaicin is found in chilli. As the online magazine “” reports, capsaicin acts on special receptors that trigger hot or hot stimuli, and this stimulates fat burning.

Researchers from the USA have also proven this fact in a study. Although it was carried out on mice, the scientists consider the results of their study to be groundbreaking. Excerpts from the study were published online on the Biophysical Society.

4. Do acupressure

If you want to get rid of hunger pangs, use acupressure. Do this by pressing your index finger into the indentation between your upper lip and nose for about 20 seconds. Your feeling of hunger has already vanished into thin air.

5. Low carb

In the evening, to lose weight quickly, the last time you should eat three hours before you go to bed. Preferably low carb. This is important in order to lose weight quickly because insulin has to be produced in the body when carbohydrates are used and this inhibits fat burning, Silke Kayadelen told “”.

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