Get vaccinated. Strong flu wave expected in Germany

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Experts warn of a strong flu epidemic in the coming winter: The data from Australia, where winter is just ending, suggest an increased incidence of the disease. People in the risk groups should urgently get vaccinated.

The Australian winter brought about twice as many cases of flu to the population this time as in the previous year. Three children under the age of six even died of the disease. According to experts, a strong flu epidemic in the southern hemisphere points to an increase in the number of cases in Europe as well. Peter Wutzlar, President of the German Association for Combating Virus Diseases, says: “That is why I advise all elderly people and people with chronic diseases to get vaccinated.” The best time to get vaccinated against flu is between September and November, as the first flu cases usually occur in December and it takes about two weeks for the vaccine to protect against it. The Paul Ehrlich Institute is responsible for the approval of flu vaccines. To date, it has released over three million doses of vaccine. The extradition is in progress. Even if Wutzlar particularly recommends the vaccination to particular groups of people, anyone who wants it can get vaccinated: Since flu is contagious and can lead to life-threatening complications in everyone, vaccination is generally a good idea.

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