Get well again quickly With this home remedy you can get a grip on every cold!
Get well again quickly with this home remedy you can

Get well again quickly With this home remedy you can get a grip on every cold!

It is not just parents who want a miracle cure during the cold season, with which you can get every cough and scratchy throat under control. We’ll tell you how you can make your own cough syrup with just two ingredients within a few minutes.

Onions have long been known as a healing home remedy: They help to recede scars, as warm compresses for sore throats and ears, and relieve swelling and pain from insect bites.

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The onion also provides large amounts of potassium, vitamins B and C, and antioxidants, which makes it a very healthy food.

Wonderful onion for coughs

But the onion also helps you with colds and throat irritation as a home remedy! Our grandmothers already knew that you can conjure up a super healthy (and delicious) cough syrup from onions.

The cough syrup recipe is as simple as it is practical, because everyone always has the ingredients at home. In addition, it takes less than five minutes to prepare and you get a healthy, natural cough syrup without any questionable additives or preservatives.

The quick and easy recipe comes from the online information portal “”.

The onion recipe as a home remedy for coughs

Take a red onion and cut it into very fine pieces. You can also use a yellow onion, but the red onions in particular are particularly mild and full of healthy ingredients that will put an end to your cold and cough quickly.

Put the onion pieces in a glass.

Add two teaspoons of honey. If you don’t have honey at home or you value a vegan variant, sugar will do too. Ideally, you use brown sugar, but white sugar is also suitable for the home remedy.

Let sit for about an hour or overnight. Now the sugar shows its effect: the sugar removes its juice from the onion and a thick syrup will develop, which you can simply pour off through a sieve or a fine net. This liquid is your cough suppressant! It contains the sweetness of sugar, but all the positive ingredients of onion.

Take one to two teaspoons of your cough home remedy every two hours. The ingredients of your home remedy have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and kill germs. Thanks to this homemade cough syrup, your cold and cough no longer stand a chance.

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So that the onion syrup tastes even better

Dr. Roman Huber, Head of the Uni-Zentrum Naturheilkunde at the Institute for Environmental Medicine and Hospital Hygiene at the Freiburg University Hospital, has a tip for parents: Children in particular tend to find the taste of onions unpleasant. They often find it easier to take with a little milk.

To make the juice tastier for adults or for an extra health kick, you can refine the mix with other ingredients.

Thyme, eucalyptus or ginger complement your onion syrup finely chopped, pressed or as an essential oil. Please note: Most essential oils are not suitable for children!

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