Gift for you on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is close and this is one of the coolest days of the year for anyone who is dating, going out with someone, or even with a flirtation in sight.
Go to the salon, get your nails done, shave, take a bath for almost an hour to relax a little and feel light and loose at the end of the day to find your / your love / crush / and so on.
If you are single (o) this day is also a reason to take a little more care of you and go out to the night leaving for the hug. Nobody needs to leave there married, it may be just to have a lot of fun.
For you to enjoy this day even more I chose some Youcom pieces for you to enjoy the day in 3 different ways:
1. Strapless floral dress with slightly puffed sleeves and super round. Very cute and romantic. Special for the girls who are already dating and who are going out to dinner, enjoy a movie and let the night happen.
2. Striped midi dress for those who are feeling powerful that day and will enjoy a bar and a night out with friends afterwards. If someone special appears even better.
3. Plain black dress with denim vest. Very relaxed and without strings attached. For you who are not even remembering that today is Valentine’s Day and really want to fall at night without worrying at what time (or with whom) you will return home.
I hope you enjoyed my selection. And in addition to these beautiful pieces when shopping for more than R $ 250.00, you get a deck full of bad and excellent intentions as a gift. These are Youcom’s Love Letters, which are shared between the couple. Each of them indicates the task that the person will have to do or that he will get rid of and be happy with! So how about playing cards and getting rid of dinner, for example? Or who gets the dishes? A super fun game that everyone wins.
The promotion is already happening in the online store for those who want to anticipate the gift (for yourself or for love) and ensure that it is in hand on the 12th. Just click and die of love!
And as good news never comes alone, in addition to the Letters, there will be a special promo for those who are part of Whatscom from Youcom: Youcom Saves the Date from everyone – will have gifts for married, single and wrapped up.
For those who are not part of WhatsOn yet, just send a Whats to (51) 9956-5599 with your name, city and email and that’s it.

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