Gisele Bündchen your chef reveals her vacation diet!

Gisele Bündchen your chef reveals her vacation diet!

Do you like to gain three kilos on vacation? Certainly not Gisele Bündchen and her husband Tom Brady. Because instead of hitting the hotel buffet, they also follow a strict diet during their time off.

Many people enjoy one thing when they go on vacation: the food! Finally strike without a guilty conscience, get cooked for you, try exotic dishes … Not so Gisele Bündchen (35) and her husband Tom Brady (38). The health and beauty fanatics make sure to stick to their eating plan, which consists of 80 percent vegetables and 20 percent low-fat proteins, even during their time off. It was worked out by the couple’s personal chef, Allen Campbell.

You love raw food!

When the glamorous couple goes on vacation in their house in Costa Rica, a colleague has been taking over in their place for five years: raw food star Joanne Gerrard Young then takes care of the preparation. “They don’t just eat raw, but mostly. That’s really easy in Costa Rica. I make colorful salads, for example, and lots of other fresh vegetables, “she tells the magazine” Well + Good “. Cleanse cures, she does them about once a year. “

Sweets are of course taboo! But thanks to their cook, the two of them don’t have to go without desserts. She regularly conjures up vegan raw food treats for them. They eat the largest meal at noon, and then have a smaller meal in the evening. “Enjoying Joanne’s wholesome food reminds me of the connection we all have with our beautiful planet. Every meal is full of love and vitality, is better than the one before it “, Gisele enthused some time ago on Instagram. So it seems as if she misses nothing on the menu despite the diet on vacation …

Is she pregnant?

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