Giving up under the eyes

Giving up under the eyes

The cool thing about makeup is being able to play with textures, finishes and colors whenever possible. It’s been a long time since the rules stopped working and the more daring the make, the better!
In this new phase, a trend caught my attention: colors below the eyes! Yes, it is already common to see colored eyeshadows and outlined differences, but a little bit of makeup below (or inside) the waterline is amazing!

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For those who needed new ideas to make their makeup always more modern, I’m sure this easy and practical trick will make everything more interesting!

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For a simpler finish, with a “borradinho” face, the best option is the eye pencil. The softer / creamier the product, the easier to blend and create a natural effect – a shade in the same shade helps to intensify the color, but without weighing it down.
If you prefer more graphic makeup, the best tip is to invest in an eyeliner with a very bright color. Of course, with this type of product you need a little more practice to leave the line well marked and straight, but I’m sure that training a little bit will be great ? Glitter is also an excellent option to make makeup more impactful!

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  5. Nars at Sephora | R $ 99.00

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