Glam Beauty: Gold never hurts!

Glam Beauty: Gold never hurts!

It is impossible to deny the glamor of a make with a touch of gold, right? Although eye-catching, the tone is a classic in party makeup and works with the most diverse colors of eyeshadows, lipsticks and even make-up styles. I myself, who am more discreet on the subject of beauty, I must admit that I have some golden shades on my dressing table.
However, you can go far beyond the classic shade when it comes to gold. The tone can appear in metallic versions, with or without glitter particles, in pigments, illuminators, enamels and even lipsticks!


A golden powder eyeshadow with glitter particles is really super wild. It can be used on the entire movable eyelid for a more striking look, but it also looks amazing only in the inner corner ? The liquid and creamy versions are even easier to apply and if you don’t have a lot of patience to blend or blend various shades, they are great options.

The tone pencils and eyeliner are excellent for giving just a touch of color to that most basic make-up. In fact, a golden outline with nothing underneath already completely transforms the makeup, right?


Who doesn’t like that wonderful light at a more formal party or event? This is a product that was forgotten a few years ago, but today it has everything. I can even go to a shadowless event myself, but the illuminator will always be there!
This type of product is multifunctional, because most of the time it can also be used as a shade – and let’s agree that saving space in the necessaire is always good, right? The powder versions tend to have more shine particles and so the effect is not so natural, but the liquid and creamy products most of the time bring that shine!

Glam Beauty: Gold never hurts!

Photos: Black Girl Vault via Pinterest and Avoe Cadoe via Tumblr

In fact, these last two versions are also great to use on the body! I even made a post about body make-up and for sure this golden glow makes a lot of difference in the lap, the shoulders and, of course, the legs.


This is probably the most unusual and daring way to use gold, after all, the effect is not at all natural. But who said that beautiful make-up always needs to be light? I think we really have to take advantage of the huge variety of cosmetics to have fun and take a chance on looks that go beyond the traditional!

Glam Beauty: Gold never hurts!

Photos: Vogue and Pinterest

It is no wonder that several brands have options of metallic lipsticks and even gloss with golden glitter particles ?


A more discreet way to say the tone is, say, nails. Not that a golden nail polish is basic, but because it is used in the hands, it does not impact as much as an illuminator. In addition to the more traditional nails with only one color of enamel, I think that gold is an excellent shade to start playing in a more minimalist type of nail art.

A thin line, a traditional or inverted francesinha, a triangle in the center … All of this works very well even for those who are more discreet!


There is really no shortage of product options for those who enjoy a touch of gold, right? I made a selection of 10 products, but I confess that I would list another 15 here ?
Glam Beauty: Gold never hurts!
1- Vice Special Effects (Color: 3rd Degree) of Urban Decay at Sephora – R $ 119.00
2- Mineralize SkinFinish (Color: Global Gold) from MAC at Sephora – R $ 159.00
3- Liquid Liquid Pigment for Eyes (Color: Pearl) from Who Said, Berenice? at The Beauty Box – R $ 29.90
4- MAC Pigment Eyeshadow (Color: Old Gold) at Sephora – R $ 105.00
5- Multi Eyeshadow (Color: Golden) from Who said, Berenice? at The Beauty Box – R $ 53.90
6- Too Faced Love Light (Color: Gold) at Sephora – R $ 159.00
7- Cover Willow Pop Eyeshadow (Color: 3) from The Beauty Box Clinic – R $ 89.00
8- Benefit Sun Beam Illuminator at Sephora – R $ 143.00
9- Metallic Lipstick (Color: Douralexo) from Who said, Berenice? at The Beauty Box – R $ 25.90
10 – Mini Colors Fewel Enamel Collection (Color: Gold Shimmer 393) by Malava at The Beauty Box – R $ 37.90

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