Glam Texture: Vinyl!

Glam Texture: Vinyl!

If you follow a lot of bloggers on instagram, live searching for fashion references on Pinterest, or love to look at shop windows, you’ve certainly noticed that vinyl is very popular this fall / winter season. And as I love a texture, I couldn’t stop talking about it here on the website ?
Despite the brightness, this is a material that works in both day and night looks. The footprint really is undeniable rocker that the fabric brings to production, but even those who are more basic can invest in the trend in some way, ok?


I think one of the easiest ways to start inserting vinyl in your looks is with mini-skirts or shorts. This is because this type of garment does not have as much fabric and, consequently, does not draw as much attention as pants from the material.
Combining is easy, see? Think of vinyl as a leather that will be much easier to put together the compositions ? T-shirts, maxi knits, tight turtleneck blouses… All of this works very well! On a daily basis I find it simpler to combine the look with a sneaker or boot, after all, these heavier shoes leave casual production.

Glam Texture: Vinyl!

Photos: May Night and Sea of ​​Shoes

Now, if the intention is to use it at a party or club, you can use more open shoes. The 2-strap sandals and pumps are great and make the look sexier.


For the more daring, you can bet on vinyl jackets without fear. Because they are used on the top, they will obviously attract more attention, but this is not an issue, is it? I really like these more structured models because they make the look automatically more sophisticated and cool.
If you liked the idea, but are still afraid to weigh your hand, go to the little black dress. Now, if you like more modern looks you can play in the colored versions – red, for example, is very high!


Do you have a more rocker style and live in black? You certainly won’t regret investing in vinyl pants. The most dry models and without many details work almost like a traditional leather pants, but obviously leave the look more fashionista.
In this case, as there is more fabric, I think it’s nice to combine it with shoes that make the instep apparent. Sandals, pumps, peep toes… All of this helps to lengthen the silhouette and not so much fabric together ?


The short boots continue with everything and, if you want to invest in a sure model this season, you can bet on vinyl. The red boots of the material are very popular, but it is that thing: you may get sick faster.
Of course, there are also beautiful black versions ( over the knee on vinyl are the most difficult to combine, after all, they make production much sexier.


As I said, there is no shortage of vinyl pieces for this and the next season! I made a very complete selection with models for all tastes ?
Glam Texture: Vinyl!
1- Le Lis Blanc Short at Shop2gether – R $ 599.90
2- Jacket at AMARO – R $ 309.90
3- Dimy skirt at Dafiti – R $ 409.90
4- Get off at AMARO – R $ 169.90
5- Schutz boot at Shop2gether – R $ 380.00
6- Get off at AMARO – R $ 179.90
7- Boot at AMARO – R $ 269.90
8- John John Leggings at Farfetch – R $ 598.00
9- Scholarship in Arezzo – R $ 179.90
10- Leave the Forum at Posthaus – R $ 258.00

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