Glare in the Eye: Effects to Test Now!

Glare in the Eye: Effects to Test Now!

Metallic, shiny eye, with glitter, gloss… There is no lack of options for those who want to highlight the look with a lot of shine! It was a time when only sparkling shadows dominated the beauty market – thankfully! Currently, there are numerous products with varied finishes that help in this task and that’s why I decided to share my favorites with you ?

Outlined for Discrete

Glare in the Eye: Effects to Test Now!

Photos: @ rag.mot and Steal the Look

A shiny or metallic trace is that little detail that raises any look! Whether using eyeliner or pencil, this thin or thicker streak gives a discreet and supermodern effect to makeup. If you are more discreet, bet on this alternative because there is no mistake!

Metallic Eyeshadow

Powdered, creamy or even liquid: no matter what your choice, the effect on your eyelid will not go unnoticed! I confess that I have more skill with the powder versions, but the other two textures give a more natural and shine which is very high, right? The advantage of liquid and creamy products is that they can also be used as impactful illuminators!
The most basic ones can invest in shadows, see? Apply to the inner corner to open the look without weighing the look ?

Glossy layer

Is it more modern? The glossy effect, although discreet, is a charm! This “wet” effect is with everything and it certainly removes the make from the obvious! The best thing is that the product is multipurpose, right? I prefer the colorless versions that can be used alone or, of course, on top of any colored shade!

Always Shine

Glare in the Eye: Effects to Test Now!

Photos: @monicastylemuse via Essence and Aurevoirmicky

Of course, I couldn’t finish this selection without mentioning the glitter! Despite making a mess on the dressing table every time I venture to use it, the effect is wonderful! Nothing to wear just for carnival, see?

Where to find?

Do you also enjoy this glowing effect in your eyes? So get ready for this selection of 10 amazing products!
Glare in the Eye: Effects to Test Now!
1- Mark’s Long Shadow. – Avon – at Época Cosméticos – R $ 24.99
2- Prataluz Metallic Liquid Pigment for Eyes from Who Said, Berenice at The Beauty Box – R $ 29.90
3- Goldrush Clear Water Liquid Eyeliner for Urban Decay at Sephora – R $ 139.00
4- Klasme Lip Gloss at Época Cosméticos – R $ 31.50
5- Glitter Alice Salazar Cotton Candy at the Season Cosmetics – R $ 28.90
6- Urban Decay Sliding Pencil at Sephora – R $ 119.00
7- Glitter Color 01 from Vult na Beleza da Web – R $ 12.90
8- Eyeshadow Urban Decay C Note at Sephora – R $ 119.00
9- Holographic Eyeshadow Lilasês da Quem said, Berenice at The Beauty Box – R $ 29.90
10- Maybelline Vinyl Lip Gloss Master at The Beauty Box – R $ 32.90

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