Glass garden with chocolate and mint

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A simple cup with chocolate mousse can come to life with some details: just form a layer with broken cookies, a sprig of mint and that’s it! Your party’s candy table will look cute.
To make “terra” you can use mousse (we have a classic version here and a vegan one here) or even prepare the dough for a cheesecake (this recipe is perfect for filling the bowls – ops, cups). The montage is up to you. You can alternate layers of chocolate cream with the biscuit crumbs or even put the latter only on the top – it is worth trying! Here are some inspirations:
pot-of-plant-mousse-chocolate-mint-oreo-marthastewart-ickfdhandletheheat-potinho-de-mousse-chocolate-plant-ideas-partiesplant-in-vase-mousse-chocolate-mint-tidymomSources: Martha Stewart, Handle the Heat, Tidy Mom
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