Glossy effect on Make

Glossy effect on Make

Not long ago I made a post about the trend of vinyl in fashion and, incredible as it may seem, this super shiny effect and without glitter particles also ended up in makeup. The gloss has been “rehearsing” for a while in the beauty world, but after years and years using only matte products it is really difficult to incorporate the trend from one moment to the next.
I myself have a certain resistance to changing my usual make-up, but since I am enjoying more and more a more natural effect on the skin, I decided to see with another eye this sticky product that was so successful a few decades ago ?

Glossy effect on Make

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Okay, natural wouldn’t be the most appropriate word to define the product, but the effect on the makeup is, yes, a little more casual and unpretentious. This is because you do not need to spend minutes of your day using matte liquid lipstick perfectly following the shape of your lips, after all, as the gloss will not dry, it will move and you do not have to worry about using it so “ right ”like that.

Glossy effect on Make

Photos: Varvahra Tumblr and Into the Gloss

Aah, another very important point of this product is that it is very versatile. Only on the lips you can use it in two ways: with nothing underneath or with any other lipstick underneath to transform the finish. Even that “blotchy” mouth technique, also known as gradient lips, it looks amazing with a layer of products on top.

In the eyes, the secret is to use a slightly thinner layer on the eyelid with or without a shadow underneath. For an even lighter look, it is worth applying the product close to the upper lashes and in the center ? The more liquid the product is, the lighter the effect becomes. However, it is worth remembering that it is impossible for makeup to last intact for many, many hours.

The gloss question is precisely this more diffuse and not so “perfect” footprint that we are used to seeing and always wanting. A shadow with gloss on top will move throughout the day due to the movement of the eyes, but the effect is not cool. This is a matter of taste and knowing how to deal with a more “imperfect” make, you know?


I made a selection of colorless products and without glitter particles, after all, they are the most versatile when it comes to glossy effect. Of course, you can also use a colored gloss you already have at home ?
Glossy effect on Make
1- Klasme Lip Gloss (Color: Colorless) at Época Cosméticos – R $ 45.00
2- Ultra Shine Gel (Color: Totally Lucid) at Sephora – R $ 69.00
3- Maybelline Vinyl Lip Gloss Master at The Beauty Box – R $ 35.90
4- Kiss Me Top Coat Shine Eudora varnish at The Beauty Box – R $ 19.99
5- Avon True Color Lip Color (Color: Colorless) – R $ 12.99

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