Glow in the eye – and hair!

Glow in the eye - and hair!

A striking and fun makeup is essential in all Carnivals. Glitter is practically a mandatory item at this time of year and there are some tips that can help with make up.

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The first is to invest in a good glue for false eyelashes. Well, many people put a shadow as a base for the glitter to stick better, but the glue is the ideal product.
As Carnival parties usually last for many hours, the glue will not let the glitter particles fall so easily!

Glitter variations


Photos – Into the Gloss, Don’t Send Me Flowers and Steal the Look

Another good idea is to put glitters of different sizes. The thinner ones are more delicate and create a uniformity. The products with particularly larger ones give a more intense effect and make the makeup even more carnival.
And why not buy a bright shade? For those who do not use very elaborate makes the rest of the year, it is more worth investing in a more versatile product. Many of these bright shadows even serve as an illuminator ?

Do it different


Photos – What’s good ?, Into the Gloss and Pinterest

For those who do not want to go unnoticed, putting brightness not only on the eyelid is a great choice. Bet on more geometric designs and makeup that run away from the obvious: a delicate outline with a lot of shine, a “mask” of glitter in every region of the eyes and eyebrows, shiny sardines… There are many inspirations!

In the hair


Photos – Steal the Look, Pinterest and Dia de Beauté

Are you one of those very carnival people who are not afraid to abuse creativity? Glitter in the hair will make your fantasy more amazing! Although it is very difficult to remove, the effect is wonderful (especially when the product is concentrated in the root).
Another idea, a little simpler and more practical, is to distribute sparklers along the wires. You can easily find them in stationery stores and party supplies stores ?

Where to buy?


  1. Vult na Beleza na Web | R $ 17.90
  2. Sephora MAC R $ 53.00
  3. Who said, Berenice? at The Beauty Box | R $ 27.90
  4. Urban decay at Sephora | R $ 129.00
  5. Who said, Berenice? at The Beauty Box | R $ 33.90

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