Glyx diet With the glycemic index to the dream figure?

Glyx diet With the glycemic index to the dream figure?

The decision to go on a diet, lose weight and improve fitness can sometimes be made quickly. Finding the right change in diet for long-lasting success is often a difficult topic. Maybe the Glyx Diet will work. Here we introduce them to you.

The Glyx Diet briefly explained

The diet is based on the glycemic index (GI), which is a measure of the effect of foods on blood sugar levels. This is relatively easy to explain: our blood sugar rises after eating certain foods. If this increases quickly after eating, it is more difficult to lose weight. You orient yourself towards foods with a low glyx value. The goal of Glyx eating behavior is a permanent change in diet and weight loss. The focus is on the blood sugar level, which should be kept constant in order to avoid food cravings and promote fat loss.

What is the Glyx Diet?

The term Glyx was launched by Marion Grillparzer in 1999 and has been largely coined by her since then. The native of Starnberg promises long-lasting success. The diet should serve as the basis for a change in diet and raise awareness of the properties of individual foods.

An example: Imagine you are eating a croissant with jam for breakfast. The croissant’s glycemic index is very high, so your blood sugar levels soar. In order to lower and regulate blood sugar again, your body releases insulin, but this inhibits fat burning. Now the sugar level drops again, and you will get hungry again after a short time.

And how does the Glyx diet work?

As already mentioned, a low glycemic value is an advantage, but a high value is bad. Prefer foods with fiber, which slowly increase blood sugar levels.

The main components of the Glyx diet are therefore foods that make blood sugar rise only slowly. Vegetables, fruits and whole grain products form the lowest level of the Glyx food pyramid and should be eaten predominantly.

Course of the diet

The diet begins with three soup days, which purify the body. This is followed by a Fat Burner Glyx Week, during which up to a pound of fat is supposed to be melted away per day. The last stage follows the Glyx modular system for around twenty days. An accompanying sports program helps to further boost the metabolism. Since stress is considered to be a dangerous fattening up, the diet also recommends an anti-stress program.

Successful change in diet

In order to find an optimal introduction to the Glyx Diet, one should get an overview of the carbohydrates of individual foods. Guidebooks or special cookbooks on the Glyx diet can be helpful here. The combination of foods in dishes is also crucial to avoid a rapid rise in blood sugar.

The calculation of the glycemic index is considered by a reference value. It measures how quickly the blood sugar rises after ingesting 50 grams of glucose. The body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose.

The following foods are (not) suitable:

These foods have a low GI value

  • fruit and vegetables
  • legumes
  • Soy products
  • whole grain products
  • Poultry, fish & lean meat
  • Low-fat dairy products

You should avoid these products

  • Sweets
  • Lemonades
  • Pasta
  • husked rice
  • cornflakes
  • Processed grain products
  • Processed foods high in sugar

Since you should avoid a lot of free sugar, such as glucose, fructose or table sugar, during the Glyx diet, it is worth considering sweet alternatives. But aspartame, stevia or cyclamate should also be consumed with caution. According to studies, these sweeteners are not necessarily a guarantee of weight loss. Researchers also point to the possibility of food cravings.

Dishes in the sense of the Glyx diet are easy to find, in addition to some specialist books on the diet, you will also find some recipes on the Internet that fit perfectly on your menu. Here is a recipe that makes losing weight very easy:

    • Cook 50g rice + dice 1 piston of chicory and 1 apple
    • Peel and clean 150g prawns, fry in 1 teaspoon oil for 3-5 minutes + salt the prawns
    • Fry the apple in the frying oil for about 1 minute, simmer for about 1 minute with 1 tablespoon of Asian sauce and a little water
    • Chop some coriander (to taste)
    • Swirl the prawns, chicory and coriander in the pan, season + serve with rice
    • = approx. 450 calories, 34g protein, 8g fat, 64g carbohydrates

Alternatives to refined sugar

However, there are some natural alternatives to refined sugar. Coconut blossom sugar has a low glycemic index of 35 and therefore hardly increases your sugar level.

As the name suggests, rice syrup is made from rice flour. Since the body first has to convert the maltose it contains into simple sugar, your blood sugar level rises only slowly.

Who is the GLYX diet recommended for?

Suitable? Reason
diabetic ✘ No. Diabetics should discuss this with a doctor before starting the diet. Due to the small amount of insulin absorbed, complications can arise during the Glyx diet
Pre-existing illness ✔ Yes The Glyx diet is suitable for people without serious illnesses
Stressful everyday life ✔ Yes The Glyx diet can be maintained in any situation
Vegans & Vegetarians ✔ Yes Meat, fish and animal products are often on the menu

Conclusion on the Glyx diet

As with any change in diet, the Glyx diet also requires a lot of discipline. A precise menu must be observed, but the dishes are often conjured up quickly and very varied. Sport also plays an important role in achieving optimal results. So look for a sport that can be easily integrated into your week and is fun for you in the long run. Of course, you can also stick to the sporting exercises in the Glyx guide, but these are often quite monotonous and rarely take place in the fresh air.

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