GNTM This is how Heidi’s girls stay slim!

GNTM This is how Heidi's girls stay slim!

The beauty secret of the “Germany’s Next Top Model” girls is not always sport. It’s all about nutrition!

The girls on the Pro7 show “Germany’s Next Topmodel” (short: GNTM) have been causing a sensation for years. They are young, beautiful, slim, and they don’t seem to have a hard time maintaining their weight at all. Along with Supermodel Heidi Klum (42) have a few very simple yet effective nutrition tips for the slim line that we don’t want to withhold from you.

1. Drink a lot

The 2014 GNTM winner, Stefanie Giesinger (18), reveals in an interview that she is a real sports grouch. your Beauty secret? Drink a lot! But only water, possibly seasoned with lemon or ginger and unflavored teas. Sweet drinks like sodas are eliminated from the daily menu as they do not have a good effect on the appearance of the skin. Especially soda and co. Cause blemished, irritated skin – pimples and blackheads are the result. So better one refreshing homemade iced tea Sip from fresh nana mint on hot summer days!

2. “The greener the leaf …”

One sentence became quite well known in the latest season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” and is actually the nutrition tip of the supermodels, the model mom Heidi passes on to her protégés: “The greener the leaf, the healthier it is for you!” The supermodel is absolutely right, because the dark green color of wild herbs, leafy vegetables and salads is evidence of this many important nutrients and minerals. So off to the high-performance mixer with it, fresh spring water and healthy fruit and a healthy, detoxifying, green smoothie: “Hello!”

3. Better to steam than fry

All “Germany’s next top model” girls have learned one thing from supermodel Heidi Klum: Fresh fish – especially in the evening – lstew rather than sauté. But if you feel like something fried, fry the fresh vegetables and meat in oils that are healthier than vegetable oil, for example cold-pressed olive oil or coconut oil.

4. Waiver is not a must, but …

GNTM winner reveals in an interview Alisar (26) that she couldn’t live without sweets. So you can treat yourself to a sweet treat every now and then, but should definitely not overdo it, if you want to do something good for your skin and your figure. After all, the excessive consumption of salt and fat ensure that the skin responds with pimples.

Too much sugar has a similar effect and also attracts the body to excessive “storage”, ie to store fat. Why it is like that? As a carbohydrate, sugar provides quick energy, but because the body breaks it down very quickly, the body believes it is undersupplied. Permanent hunger and weight gain are the result. Therefore, it is better to use healthy sweeteners like stevia!

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