Golden Touch in Décor!

Golden Touch in Décor!

The metallic tones took over the home of many people around. Whether in details or in larger doses, gold and silver have won the hearts of architects and lovers of decoration. Variations such as rosé gold, for example, also gained more space in the décor.
As a result of this trend, most decoration companies and stores bet on products with these characteristics. Gold is one of the most classic and, despite being a strong presence color, it manages to give a super delicate touch to the composition of the environment. Want to know how?


Golden Touch in Décor!

Photos: Cox & Cox and @interior_styling

Mirrors are a great way to add a metallic tone to the space. The type of frame can be varied, ranging from the simplest to others full of details. In the bathroom of our office, for example, we chose very attractive frames to stand out in the black environment.
However, if you prefer something more discreet and yet charming, opt for mirrors with very thin edges. The round ones are the cutest and make all the difference in space, especially in a room or in the lobby of your home / office.


Is there anything better than seeing an environment full of plants in the decoration? I, at least, think it’s cute! Golden pots, besides transforming the place, value the plant itself.
The geometric shaped vases are the most different, especially when they are hung or nailed to the wall. When placed on a neutral background, the result is even more beautiful. Oh, and if you want to have other ideas to put plants in the decor, just click here ?


Is it more discreet and minimalist? So, bet on smaller items, such as small ring holders that can be used as decorative items. Magazines and organizing boxes are other subtle ways of incorporating gold into the décor.
The organizers, for example, in addition to working as a racket holder, can help to compose an incredible candle table. Fixtures can also (and should!) Be included in the living room, bedrooms or offices.

Coffee Tables

A little less discreet way, but still super delicate, are the golden tables and sideboards. They can be whole metallized or just based on color tones. It may not seem, but this type of tone gives a super interesting result in the total composition of the environment, since it is not a flat color, you know?

Where to find?

Golden Touch in Décor!
1- Adnet mirror at Ondo – R $ 89.80
2- Liquid soap holder in the Luster of the Castle – R $ 45.00
3- Urban Cactus Gold Ornament in Dafiti – R $ 69.99
4- Bar cart at Ondo – R $ 149.80
5- Vértice Shelf at Muma – R $ 66.50
6- Kit 2 ceramic prism vases on Etna – R $ 129.90
7- Photo panel at Imaginarium – R $ 169.90
8- Ring holder at Muma – R $ 45.00
9- Shoptime coffee table at Shoptime – R $ 1,095.75
10- Hello na Muma golden wall sign – R $ 150,00

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