Golo diet That’s behind the stars’ weight loss secret

Golo diet That's behind the stars' weight loss secret

Losing weight is only possible with counting calories? It’s not fun and the yo-yo effect catches up with you faster than you would like. The Golo diet, on the other hand, focuses on the blood sugar level. Whoever controls him controls his weight.

If you want to get rid of your belly fat, you have to control your insulin level – that’s the core rule of the Golo diet, with which stars like Kate Hudson (37) or Victoria’s Secret model Taylor Hill (20) keep their dream body in shape.

Six days a week, Gwyneth Paltrow (46) torments for two hours each for her dream body. On the plan: endurance and strength training.

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Adriana Lima (37) prefers it harder and boxing regularly with her personal trainer. The “Victoria’s Secret” model trains every day. In addition to boxing, she also loves jumping rope.

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Amanda Seyfried (32) jogs for half an hour up to five times a week. But that’s not all. There are also three fitness courses with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak and Pilates on weekends.

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Madonna (60) trains six times a week for at least 30 minutes – no wonder she still looks so great! She mixes bar training, intervals, boxing, martial arts and yoga.

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Jessica Biel (36) relies on a mixture of strength training and endurance. The so-called pistol squats are particularly popular with her – they ensure a great bottom. To compensate, the beautiful actress does yoga.

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Since participating in “Let’s Dance”, Kelly Osbourne (34) has lost a lot of weight, mainly thanks to her vegan diet. She keeps her new figure with endurance training. For example, she goes hiking several times a week.

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“Jivamukti Yoga” is the fitness secret of Kate Moss (44). It is a mixture of sport and meditation. In addition, the ex-model has started to train several times a week in a fitness studio.

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Christina Hendricks (43) is known for her luscious curves. She keeps her hourglass figure with a combination of treadmill and weight lifting.

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Beyoncé (37) prefers short workouts that are supposed to get the metabolism going. She especially likes boxing. She likes to train with her husband Jay Z. She is also vegan.

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Jessica Alba (37) likes it varied. When doing sports, she relies on the gym and trains with kettlebells and resistance bands.

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When it comes to her fitness program, Ellie Goulding (31) relies on variety. She spent herself doing yoga and capoeira. Running is also often on her agenda.

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This is new to the Golo diet

While other diets work by counting calories, the Golo diet focuses on metabolism and blood sugar levels. The hormone insulin converts sugar into energy in the body. If you regularly consume foods rich in sugar and starch, such as sweets, cakes, burgers or soft drinks, the body can develop insulin resistance – which often manifests itself in the form of stubborn belly fat and makes losing weight virtually impossible.

Three steps to your dream figure

With the Golo diet you optimize the metabolic processes in the body, the insulin can break down the sugar properly – and you lose weight. A 30-day regimen consists of a nutrient program combined with dietary supplements and exercise. Sophisticated dishes with the right proportions of proteins, carbohydrates and fats are served on the plate for four weeks. They get the metabolism going and keep the insulin level in balance. Food supplements such as flaxseed oil and herbal ingredients are eaten with meals, which help to keep insulin levels constant and to get rid of bothersome construction fat. The last part of the program is a HIIT workout that melts extra pounds and shapes the figure.

You can find more diet tips here:

With these 3 simple tricks you can get rid of your belly fat on the side!

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