Good resolution: eat more healthily lose weight? Not this year! Why I won’t go on a diet in 2019

Good resolution: eat more healthily lose weight?  Not this year!  Why I won't go on a diet in 2019

The year 2019 is approaching in great strides – so it’s clear that many are busy with what they want to implement in the new year. For most of them, at the top of their agenda: lose weight. And Marians Welt editor Maria Menz is usually always there too. But 2019 should be different. Why did she make a conscious decision not to lose weight next year? She reveals that here …

Me: “I could do Paleo from January.”
Colleague: “Difficult. A friend made it once, very inflexible. “

Remain silent.

Me: “Or Whole30. That shouldn’t be bad either. “
Colleague: “How about if you just don’t lose weight?”

Well, “difficult” as my colleague would say … I am and will remain an absolute weight loss professional. If I can do anything, then lose weight pound by pound – and then gain it again bit by bit. This is not only always a torture, but also frustrating. Because the fact is: It is not a nice feeling when you fail to meet your own expectations every time.

The numbers speak against me

Of course, I’m not the only one who feels that way. Studies show that most people get the pounds they lost back on their hips quickly. This is due to the much-feared yo-yo effect: The healthy eating habits from the diet phase will soon be replaced by pizza, chocolate and lazy lying around on the couch.

I’m actually very good at following diet plans, exercising regularly, and weighing myself daily to see how far I’ve come. But as soon as the plan and the incentive to lose weight are gone, the discipline is over. And when there are also dinner appointments and my husband regularly eats chips in front of the TV in the evenings – well, then I’m completely lost.

By the way: These are the best snacks for a long day at the office!


Lose weight
These are the best snacks for a long day at the office

The day in the office is often long and exhausting. Many of us reach for a chocolate bar in the afternoon to cheer us up. But it is full of sugar and unhealthy fats. We’ll show you which healthy snacks you can eat instead.

Lose weight? No thanks – unfortunately!

If I’m really honest, then it’s much easier for me – seen from such an emotional point of view – to lose weight than to finally develop a sensible relationship with food. Actually sad when you think about it …

In any case: From January 2nd, 2019 (I’m still on vacation on New Year’s Eve – and we don’t want to overdo it!), I’ll do it completely differently than 30 percent of Germans – and plan for 2019 not to lose ten kilos have to. And it’s estimated to be the first time in about 15 years that that resolution has been removed from my list.

Instead, I want to focus on eating healthier and no longer chasing after every trend diet. This also includes – and it will be particularly difficult – not to let myself be influenced when friends and acquaintances talk about their own diets. In these situations, many of us have this little voice in our head whispering that we have to lose weight and do everything better. I’ll ignore that little voice in the new year. Hopefully.

No diet = fewer bans

In 2019 I want to learn how to handle food normally. Not always to forbid or allow everything to me. Just keep moderation. A piece of cake here, but maybe not the biscuits, but the mandarin It’s going to be hard enough.

But I’m sure I can do it if I try. What is particularly important for this? Keeping the balance between healthy eating and indulging yourself. I still believe that this will save me a lot of stress in my life – and that is always good!

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