Goodbye diet With these tips you will get a dream body like the model Emily Ratajkowski

Goodbye diet With these tips you will get a dream body like the model Emily Ratajkowski

A light six-pack, taut upper arms and beautiful curves. All in all: the character of Emily Ratajkowski. A figure that most can only dream of. But it’s not that difficult to get them, because we can all do the things that the model does for her figure!

Models are actually always said to eat little or hardly any food in order to stay as thin as possible. But is there really something to it? For many, Emily Ratajkowski (26) is an absolute role model when it comes to body. No wonder, with these beautiful curves and flat stomach! The model regularly shares snapshots of her food and sporting activities on Instagram. Let’s take a closer look, because who knows: If we copy her a little in her diet and activities, we might get a figure like the model!

She does yoga

Yoga is one of the trend sports par excellence. No wonder, after all, yoga is not only good for getting back into balance with your own mind, but also an insider tip for getting a slim body. And if you think yoga isn’t strenuous, you should try it as soon as possible. Because here too you work up a sweat. Even if it might not look like it at first glance.

She drinks water before beauty sleep

Granted, Emily isn’t the first model to swear by water as the ultimate slimming secret. But apparently there really seems to be something to it. Why else would so many models emphasize it over and over again? It is therefore important to drink a lot and regularly. It should be at least two liters a day that you slurp. Model’s insider tip: Drink water right before bed. This boosts the calorie consumption even more.

She moves a lot

The treadmill in the gym just isn’t your thing? No problem! Because you can also move easily outside. It’s not only free, it’s also a lot more fun than in the gym, isn’t it? Just try to walk as much as possible and replace the car or bus with the bike. The model’s insider tip: Take your friends with you, it’s even more fun.

She cooks herself

Of course, going to a restaurant like this has some advantages, but also at least as many negative ones. Because let’s be honest, most dishes usually contain tons of salt or sugar. Cooking yourself is not only easy on your wallet, but also saves you from one or two extra pounds.

She also treats herself to something

Anyone who goes without everything sooner or later has to struggle with food cravings. That’s why you should treat yourself to something every now and then. The pretty brunette sees it that way too, because she told the American “ELLE”: “I think it’s good to give in now and then. Sometimes I definitely love a cupcake ”. So if the model feasts, then we can too.

Emily loves shakes. No picture? App users please click here!

She has light meals

In order not to go deep after lunch, only something light or small lands on the table at lunchtime. For example a salad or a sandwich. It lasts a long time and doesn’t have too many calories – and above all, it doesn’t exhaust you.

She eats carbohydrates for breakfast

Carbohydrates aren’t all bad. Okay, maybe you shouldn’t be shoveling macaroni and cheese in after midnight. But for breakfast you can treat yourself to a toast or a bread roll. In case you don’t know what to eat for breakfast: Emily regularly has black coffee, granola, yoghurt and toast.

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