Gorgeous hairstyles for Carnival

Gorgeous hairstyles for Carnival

Today is the sixth of Carnival and if it is to stay in character, nothing better than a creative hairstyle and full of props to compose the look. Look how many incredible ideas for your look:

Scarves and Ribbons


Photo 1 – Fofo Chic / Photo 2 – Extra (Globo) / Photo 3 – Daqui Dali

The colorful ribbons and scarves are great for making the look really fun! Are you lazy? Tie a ribbon with a bow to your loose hair and go! Warmed up? Take the scarf out of the bag and put it in the bun! There are many practical options, but surely the one I love most is the braid with ribbons: delicate and fluffy!

Wreath of flowers


Photo 1 – Rio Etc / Photo 2 – Super Ela / Photo 3 – Rio Etc

The wreath has now become a classic! In the blocks there are a lot of people selling! I’m a fan of the bigger, fuller flowers, because they’re perfect for a carnival look! Also, use and abuse the vibrant tones and make or buy a super colorful crown.

Head Pieces


Photo 1 – Enjoei / Photo 2 – Santa Mãe / Photo 3 – Can, can

The most delicate ones love head pieces. They are perfect for a more boho and simple look, very sophisticated. You can improvise yours yourself with some necklaces, you know? The effect is amazing!



Photo 1 – My name is Glenn / Photo 2 – Can Can / Photo 3 – Trend Twins

The face of Carnival! Golden feathers or in super vibrant colors are great options for a blocky look! Mix various colors and prints for a look full of personality! Bulky hair, especially curly and curly, is perfect for the accessory! Who has the finest hair and without volume, can bet on hair stuck + feathers (last photo).



Photo 1 – Getty Images / Photo 2 – Etsy / Photo 3 – Tula Casqueteria

Fascinators are the ideal pieces for that time. Here in Brazil, we are not used to it, but Carnival allows you to use your creativity and play in the most extravagant models possible!
It was easier to choose the look, right?

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