Got a cold to the office? Better to report sick than work with a cold!

Got a cold to the office?  Better to report sick than work with a cold!

With a cold and feeling unwell in the office? This is completely normal for every second German. This can have fatal consequences – for both employers and employees.

Almost one in two Germans drag themselves to work even when they feel sick. This was the result of a GfK survey conducted by the patient magazine “Hausarzt”. If you are one of them, you should definitely be warned. Because this behavior can go very badly and you are not doing yourself, your colleagues and superiors a favor.

Woman in the sauna

Strengthen the immune system during the cold season
With these tips, colds don’t stand a chance!

And every year the sniff animal greets you! Who does not know it? The same sniffling and wheezing and annoying flu viruses year after year. Time to finally declare war on colds!

This is what happens when you go to work sick

Health psychologist Tim Hagemann explains in “” that it is above all a sense of responsibility towards colleagues that drives sick people into the office. But the fear of being irreplaceable is also often given as a reason. With this false sense of duty, you damage your company more than you ultimately benefit it.

This is also borne out by the invoice from the management consultancy Booz & Company, which was published a few years ago. According to this, two thirds of the total medical costs of a company should be incurred by sick employees who still come to the office. On average, an employee who stays at home due to illness should cause a loss of 1,197 euros per year. However, if the same employee goes to work anyway, he will already cost his employer 2,394 euros – around twice as much! The reason: Anyone with a fat head cannot think clearly, is more prone to mistakes, increases the likelihood that the disease will become chronic and in the end may even suffer burnout – quite apart from the risk of infection for all other colleagues.

Therefore, if you are considering going to work out of guilt, you should look back at these numbers. Ultimately, both you and your colleagues will be more helpful if you cure yourself properly and then get going again.

Sauna for a cold

Sauna for a cold
Can I go into a sweat bath with a cold?

Taking a sauna strengthens the immune system. But what if the cold is approaching? Taking a cold to the sauna is not the best idea.

When are you really too sick to work?

But when are you really too sick to work? Is a slight cold enough? It all depends on the industry you work in. If you are absent from the office or other physically not strenuous work with a runny nose, that is an exaggeration. If, on the other hand, you work with food, you should definitely stay at home if you have a cold or other contagious diseases.

If you are really too sick to go to work, you must inform your employer immediately and also state the likely length of your absence. The best thing to do is to get in touch with your supervisor before you start work and see a doctor. Usually employers expect a doctor’s certificate after three days. However, calendar days are counted and not working days. So if you call in sick on Friday, your medical certificate must be submitted on Monday.

On sick leave – what is allowed and what is not?

It is a common misconception that if you are on sick leave, you have to stay in bed all the time. However, you must refrain from anything that could delay your recovery or further endanger your health. If your employer notices such a risk, you may even be dismissed. The boss can send someone over or hire a detective. However, if someone is actually at your door, you are not obliged to open it or answer any questions.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble with the boss, you should definitely avoid swimming pools or alcohol-soaked trips to restaurants and bars if you have a cold or flu. Employees with a cold who go to the cinema or take a walk in the fresh air, on the other hand, are less likely to happen. After all, none of the activities make you sweaty, and fresh air is even said to aid recovery.

For other diseases, it always depends on the doctor’s recommendation. So if you are on sick leave due to movement problems, the doctor can prescribe a visit to the swimming pool.

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